Monday, January 30, 2012

All the way from Singapore✿◕‿◕✿

My holiday already end,but
it is great! The times with my family,
Mr Hubby,my daughters and also Mr Hubby's family.
Today i will be blogging about
Hello Kitty stuff from Singapore.

The above photo is Hello Kitty thermometer
which i had waited till my neck long.
i had asked the help of a facebook friend,
Adriana Lee,a Singaporean to help me buy this
from Singapore.So nice of her!
My wishlist,one by one,ticked.
i wish to collect VARIETY hello kitty stuff.
Not only bags,wallets,bags,wallets or stationery stuff.
Too bored..
Hello Kitty stencil set of 4.
Suitable for drawing lesson during the pastime.
Haha...such a little kid.
This is what i so craze about.
Rare Hello Kitty sunglasses(100% UV Protection)
but the glasses are in transparent colour.
i immediately brought it to an optical shop
and request to change the normal lens to
myopic lens,to make it my farsightedness spectacles.
Whoaa-horrrr...So,now i can wear this and no need
always wear my contact lens.
As i have Hello Kitty brand spectacles.
This is also another hello kitty stuff i craze about.
Hello Kitty 3D Iphone cover for my baby Iphone.
i had searched everywhere over the world via internet
and at last i found it.The one which is not fake kitty face.
(FYI,all those selling outside has a very fake kitty face:P)
This is also from Singapore.
If you interested,you can find Cara Yap.
♥ this to the max!!!
i gotta go,prepare meal for Baby J.
Bye Bye!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunar 2012✿◕‿◕✿

How are your holiday?
My holiday is short but full of fun.
Especially when i am celebrating with Mr Hubby,
my daughters and also my family.

The very first year and first time i wear
cheongsam.But the modern design one.
So,how? Is it nice??
i think i look like 'once upon a time' people.
This taken in Sunway Pyramid washroom.
Now i know the reason why everyone likes to 
snap photo in the washroom.
Even my mommy also joined us.
So,the inside the above photo,there is
me,my mommy,my sister,both my daughters and the only gal 
left out is my brother's girlfriend.
My elder daughter,Daychelle is a very fashionable gal.
She likes dressing herself pretty and cute.
With pink bag pink fashion spectacles and accessories in pink
colour,her favourite colour too.
Dinner time at the Moon Palace Restaurant.
My baby J is now 8 months.
Very very chubby right??
The first day of Lunar New Year,at night,we had 
headed to I-City,which is located at Shah Alam.
So,there is lights everywhere.
Photograph of sweet cute family.
Facebook friend asked why Mr Hubby not wearing the 
bunny ears? Because he is shy to wear it.
Baby J, cow devil girl.
Don't you agree?? She is so so so active.
A mommy of 3 kids?? Unbelievable,right??
So,what is the tips to maintain such a pretty young face
and also a slim body?
Everyday smile without worries,and you will look younger.
Everyday maintain eat 3 meals,no skipping!
 But consume in a normal potion. 
Health supplement is a must,like sheep placenta,
bird nest,collagen and etc.
You can also dress up yourself younger not
wearing like your mommy apparels. Hehee...
My humorous daddy.This new year he is already 59 years old.
Very humorous of him,wearing the lights thing!

During my holiday,i managed to grab a few 
hello kitty stuff.Will share at here soon.
Happy Belated Chinese New Year to all my blog readers!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello all my lovely blog loyal readers.
So,how are your days?
i had been truly busy starting this new year.
My baby J had been admitted to 
Kuantan Specialist Hospital.
First,she had fever for a few days.
After the fever gone,she had diarrhea.
Am very worried,so Mr Hubby had made a
good decision sending her to the hospital.
Doctor said this is a case of food poisoning.
But,baby only feed on milk.So,how come she can get 
food poisoning?? A very good question for the doctor.
Doctor Lee told me maybe because of water filthiness.
Anyway,Baby J is now ok and already discharged.

So,today i will be blogging about my last year 
100¥en purchase.The second time purchase,should be.
i had got myself a Hello Kitty stove pad sheet.
Which i am not putting under the stove.
Only putting near the stove.
Hello Kitty strong absorbent cloth.
Which is 2 pieces in a pack.
1 in red and another in pink.
With hello kitty faces and flowers
printed all over the cloth.
Hello Kitty table cloth.
But not really going to use it to wipe
the dirty table.
To wipe away some spilled water
is still okay.
Hello Kitty long chopsticks.
That's what i had grab from my 2nd time to
100¥en shop.Hoping 100¥en will bring more new hello kitty
stuff. *praying hard* 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Growing more~✿◕‿◕✿

Hello all.
Why i had disappeared?
A lot of things happened recently.
My sister got a bit quarrel with me.
And she had took a long holiday.
So,i need to work at the shop and also
care for my 3 daughters.
Lucky me,as i had Mr Hubby 
good hand helping me.
He did a lot of work to help me.
When my sister finally back from holiday,
(bought a few hello kitty stuff for me)
my Baby J fever.Fever and also diarrhea.
When feed her with medicine,she vomit.
Milk also do not want to drink.

Yesterday,her fever kept up high till 39'C.
My father-in-law fetch us to the nearest hospital.
Late at night only we go back to our home.
Today she is better.All her fever gone.
And i took a little time while she is sleeping now
to update a post here.

i am LUCKY again.
i managed to help myself to order this 
Hello Kitty pink leopard design mat for my car.
After i uploaded this picture at my facebook,
my friend likes it so much and asked my help.
So,i helped her to order but unfortunately,all sold out.
And this is Hello Kitty facial sponge set.
This is also 1 of the pre-order items
that i am selling.My customers order,
so i ordered 1 set for myself too.
This is the hello kitty stuff i like the most.
Hello Kitty furry storage box.
But also quite expensive item.
That's why i only bought 1 for myself.
Hello Kitty hanger set.
It is a set with 5 different colours.
Pre-order item too.

You know,i am so happy that now
i can get kitty stuff almost everyday.
i am selling myself,so,i can order from the supplier
which item i like.For some rare items,
i also will buy from others.Normally from
my facebook friends.
Okay,that's all for today.
Baby J wakes up and i need to attend to her.

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