Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hello Kitty & My Melody

This post will mainly contains more pics than words. More videos too :P
My laptop keyboard is acting up, and it took me 1 hour plus just to update this post,OMG!!!
I can't type fast, as don't know why some alphabets is missing even I typed with my whole power..
Made me super annoyed!

Should have buy this earlier. Hello Kitty X Magiclean Wiper Set.
Very very convenient for people like me, who hate to do house chores.
So, this one very easy to use if compare to mop. Haha!!

Audrey X Hello Kitty training bra for my teenage daughters.
Got them from Parkson Malaysia.

My Melody shower cap from Daiso Malaysia.
To replace my old shower cap lol..

Hello Kitty Music Cafe DIY Blocks from my friend who is also my bro-in-law(Mr Hubby's brother)
Bought for me from Guangzhou,China.

He thinks I'm still a kid?? :P

Anyway, I enjoy DIY stuff like this.
Building the blocks and sticking stickers to it while my younger daughter is sleeping.
Because I want to build it myself haha. If she is awake, she wants to build it too.

My Melody Tableware Drain Basket. 

And My Melody Chopping Board Stand.
I opted for My Melody instead of Hello Kitty just because...only 1 reason.
Hello Kitty is not in pink.

Hello Kitty very very big basket.
Finally found it and it is fully in pink ♥♥♥

I also forgot whether I share this before.
My Melody Cotton Buds Container.
This is my online shop's new arrivals, it is so cute,
and I must grab one for myself.

Need to do short video to share all these cute stuff.
This Hello Kitty Wireless Charging Pad from Korea is super cute!!!
Now charging is so much easy, just put my phone on top of it.
It supports all latest smartphones that supports wireless charging.
For iphone that support wireless charging, start from Iphone 8. 

Lastly, let's have a look at my younger daughter.

The result from always play Ipad. Does she looks alike Pororo? Hahaha!!!
My sis did this photo collage and sent to me! Really alike lol!!!

I'm gonna stop now. I'm very annoyed to type so hard.Let me get my laptop's keyboard fix soon
only I can type smoothly.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Hello Kitty Gift

Last post I got mention there is these Hello Kitty & My Melody lip balm and hand cream from my sis. Yeah, she had bought all these(above pic) for me!!! How blessed I am to have such a great younger sister, for your info. I'm the eldest.

This Hello Kitty x-doria dual USB car phone charger, she bought when she travel to Taiwan.
And it is a secret gift, kind of surprise gift as I didn't know she bought it for me. She kept it as a secret till we met this Chinese New Year only gave it to me.
This gift came just in time because my USB car phone charger(normal one) spoilt already.
And now, I had a Hello Kitty one.

Hello Kitty perfume.
The grey colour one. And I found out I had 1 of this perfume in my collection.

Re-Ment Sanrio Characters Atsu Hello Kitty & Friends / Re-Ment Hello Kitty Nostalgic Items.
My most like items among the Hello Kitty I got from my sis.
OMG!! Had been a long time didn't buy Hello Kitty re-ment. The price now is also very nice. 
Thanks to my beloved sis that my Blythe doll had new stuff added to their collection:P

This set consists of:
1. Chest Set

2.Table Set

3. Mini Chest Set

4. Hello Kitty Doll Set

5. TV Set

6. Stationery Set

7. Backpack Set

8. Dresser Set

Yuri Kitty & Hannari Kitty Cup from MBO Cinema Malaysia.
Not sure still have this or not as they were released during Valentine's Day this year.
My younger brother got them for me as CNY gift? hahaha...How blessed!!

Feeling guilty being very late to post this. Thanks so much to my lovely online friend, Joyce who never fails to send me all these cuties every year. 
Especially the Hello Kitty die-cut calendar. The kimono one. I had 5 of them if I'm not wrong. 
One represent 1 year. That means she had sent me this cute calendar for 5 years?!!
And now, my problem is, anyone knows where I can get an album specially 
for storing ‘angpao’(red packet)?
I got mostly of these Hello Kitty 'angpao' from my kitty friends hehe...

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