Monday, April 23, 2012

Follow Me!(ミ・。・ミ)

Daughter sick,mommy worry!
That's the norm.
My elder daughter sick.
Just brought her back from school to the clinic.
According to her,she told me,she vomit non-stop.
Eat and vomit. Pity mommy's girl =(
Now she is sleeping on the couch in living room.
So,i took a lil time to update my bloggie.
Let's have a look at my 
Hello Kitty Pink Dialer.
Please take note! Only for Iphone.
Version 5.0.1 is most suitable.
So,do you want this dialer as your Iphone dialer?
If yes,i can email the dialer theme to you.
Very easy. You just need to follow my Instagram and
My username: MrskittyYi

After followed me,just leave your email by commenting at the photo 
in my Instagram or Pudding.
And i will send to you soon.
Hello Kitty Leopard Theme.
This also can be given to you.
But the theme without wallpaper.
So,you can set your own wallpaper.
The leopard kitty theme is together with this leopard dialer.
Or you want this pink polkadot kitty dialer.
It is all up to you.i can send you this too..
But,with a request.Simple task!
As long as you are my follower,
you can get more cute kitty stuff in the future
for your Iphone.

So,what to wait? Be my follower =) 
And your Iphone will be like mine. Fully pink and kittylicious!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beauty Mode(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently,i am very obsessed towards anything 
about beauty.Anything that can makes a lady beautiful
and young,that attracts me!
So,last week,just went back to
Kuantan,my parents' home and had a great
shopping there.
Restock restock my daily skincare facial products
from SK-II. Yes,i am a loyal user of SK-II for 3 years.
And the good news is my skin is improved each day passed.
Yesterday,bought this:
Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Drink.
2 months' supply.Let's have a try! Leng arh...!
According to its flyer,this collagen drink contains 5300mg Collagen Peptide.
I'm also a sheep placenta consumer.
 i already consumed CellLabs Sheep Placenta for almost
a year. And now,you know i am really really addicted to shopping
and beauty,not only Hello Kitty.
That day,i headache.i need Panadol.But,
Mr Hubby said there is only 1 thing can heal me and it isn't Panadol,
it is SHOPPING! = =!!!
Anyway,a big thanks to Mr Hubby for pampering me. =)
(Financial support,of course)
This photo just shared to my instagram this morning.
Just spotted! Mr Hubby & me are wearing the same design apparel.
Polkadot shirt and blouse. How matching!! ♥ 
Below i will share a bit of my hello kitty newly added items.
Which is already added a few months ago.
Sorry for the late in updating here. :P
Hello Kitty Face Shape Mini Basket

Hello Kitty Rice Scoop

Hello Kitty Sponge Holder

Hello Kitty Clothes Pegs
All these are from Singapore.
She is a Hello Kitty collector.
And i am very impressed with her collections.
She is Eileen Tan.
i am busy decorating my daughter's room.
Being a mother of 3,especially with a baby by my side,
everything that i do,will really need a lot of time than 
a person without a baby. =(
Exhausted sometimes,as i am the one who not really 
like little baby.Especially when they crying non-stop.
Luckily i have a great nanny-daddy.
That is Mr Hubby,who always help me in taking care of baby J.
Especially the night shift.Which really disturbing my beauty sleep!
Hehehe...Mr Hubby doesn't need any beauty sleep. :P

Okay,that's quite a long chat tonight.
See you tomorrow. If i free to drop by here.
Bye and take good care of yourself,all my friends!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hi,sorry for being slow in updating post.
Busy? No. Not really.
Just feeling of tired and lazy surrounding me.
And also addicted in playing 
Instagram and
i am newbie. i just act like my young sister
to have all those social network.
Other than facebook, i opened Twitter,Instagram
Therefore,if you have Twitter account,search
MrsVoon Turn SuetYi
and follow me =)
Or the easiest way,just click the twitter icon in this blog.
You can also follow me if you wanna see my stories of photos
in Instagram and
My username: MrskittyYi
My lil Baby J is now 10 months old.
But still doesn't know how to crawl and walk..>.<
A big thanks to Mr Hubby who always helping
me babysit Baby J while i am busy.
(Busy online,facebooking,twittering,blogging)
Mr Hubby wakes up the most during the night.
He seldom wakes me up to feed Baby J.
He will makes the milk himself and feed Baby J.
Awww...i am touched actually.He REALLY is 
a 24/7 husband and father.
i will cherish him and won't let him go...hehehehe...
Thanks for blessing me,friends!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kitty Dressing Table✿◕‿◕✿

Hello all.
i am so so joyful yesterday because
my new dressing table was on the way
to my house.The hello kitty mirror is already 
safely reached me on Friday.
Let's have a look.
So,yesterday,Mr Hubby called his friend 
to help hang up the mirror.
Yes,it is a simple task which actually Mr Hubby 
can hang up himself..
But,to be on the safe side,Mr Hubby said
he will call his friend who is some expert 
in hanging nicely mirror,all those screwing things.
Do you like it too? 
i am so in love with it...♥ ♥
Especially thanks to, of course Mr Hubby
for supporting my hobby.
And also a big thanks to De Sweetie
(click here to get to her profile)
for selling me the limited edition
 hello kitty mirror.
Okay,now i will be very very dilligent
in looking at the mirror everyday...Hehe^^

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