Thursday, March 31, 2011

tissue roll holder✿◕‿◕✿

Last few days,when i had the mood to cleanPhotobucketandPhotobuckettidy up
Photobucket tidying to make more spaces so that i can buy morePhotobucket Photobucket
my Photobucketdisplay rack,i found thisPhotobucketPhotobucket
i totally forgot about this
PhotobuckettissuePhotobucket roll holder.
Therefore,now only i upload to share with you.

This is used to put tissuePhotobucketroll like
toilet tissuePhotobucketroll.
Ya,my Photobucket selling this,
but left the last & only one.
So,who interested,do contactPhotobucket me fastPhotobucket

Saturday, March 26, 2011

kitchen utensils✿◕‿◕✿


i likePhotobucket the abovePhotobucket picture so much.
Not only the kitchen utensils in the picture,
but the picture itself.As it is nicely
decoratedPhotobucketedited by myself Photobucket
For your information,i use Labelbox
application for IphonePhotobucket to make the tags.

i orderedPhotobucket this with Babyya My too.
Her selling PhotobucketPhotobucketstuff is great.Just like 
my PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
i bought  Photobucketladle with pasta scoop,Photobucketturner with slotter
and Photobucketsoup ladle.The part which attracts me to purchase 
them is the handle of these  PhotobucketPhotobucketkitchen utensils 
 fully PINK,my fave colour.
i purchase them anyway eventhough i DO NOT cook.
They are now hanging nicely neatly on my kitchen wall.
GrrrPhotobucketThe cutest is i use  PhotobucketPhotobuckethook to hang them.
How LovelyPhotobucketPhotobucket
So,if you want to grab these lovely kitchen utensils,
do contactPhotobucket Babyya My

Thursday, March 24, 2011

kittyfied bathroom✿◕‿◕✿

Just realised my kitty blogPhotobucket already full with dust.
When is my last postPhotobucketPhotobucketA week agoPhotobucket
2 weeks agoPhotobucket i can't remember.
PhotobucketPhotobucketMr Hubby is now very good in surfing 
the net.Therefore,he is always 
playing my laptopPhotobucket.i think i need 
another new Photobucket.VAIOPhotobucket Or ApplePhotobucketPhotobucket
Photobucket,stop daydreamingPhotobucket

Today i want to share about this,
Photobuckettoothbrush Photobucket toothpastePhotobucket holder.
This is a pre-order item.
i bought with Babyya My

i already had PhotobuckettoothpastePhotobucket hanger.PhotobucketToothbrush holder too.
We use Photobuckettoothbrush holder with cover.That will be more hygiene.
Therefore,this is specially for MrPhotobucketPhotobucketHubby to put his essentialsPhotobucket
To put his toothpastePhotobucket
Photobucketwe use different brand of toothpastePhotobucket
his shaver Photobucket etc.He can put whatever he likes.

PhotobucketMy kittyfied bathroomPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
There is still a long way to go compare to 
Photobuckethello kitty dream homePhotobucketPhotobucket
Means i just started the decoration,will 
add more soon.

Another side of the wall,in the
same bathroom.My Photobucket has 3 bathrooms
Photobucket this is the master bathroom.The other 2,i
haven't decorate them nicely.Only filled with
Photobucketshampoo dispenser,Photobucketsoap holder
Photobucket Photobuckettoothbrush toothpastePhotobucket holder.
Will try my best to decorate them tooPhotobucket

Okay,i want to go take my breakfastPhotobucket Photobucket
Very hungry now.Bye byePhotobucket

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