Sunday, July 31, 2016

BKK~4th Day

4th Day at BKK,free & easy style hehe...
Not using van service as we will be in BKK town.
We can take Tuk-Tuk to go from 1 place to another,like this:
Hahaha :P We took 2 Tuk Tuk car. My brother,his wife,my 2nd daughter
and our mom sat at the other Tuk Tuk. This photo was taken by my brother.
We looked like in jail haha...

After breakfast,we went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
 which is in 6th Floor,Siam Discovery.
 I bought the ticket online from Madame Tussauds website.
Here's the link if you need it:
Now only they have the Buy 1 Free 1 ticket and it is cheaper.
That time,I bought Early Bird Ticket which you need to visit
Madame Tussauds Bangkok before 12pm (noon).
The ticket price is 645Baht/person.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was founded by wax sculptor
Marie Tussaud. The above photo is a wax sculture of her.
She is not a tall person, petite and cute.
I like her. She looks so friendly and sweet.

This is the 2nd Madame Tussauds Wax Museum I had been to.
The 1st one is at Hong Kong,and I personally think,this is better and worth
to visit because we get to watch a short 4D movie inside.

Once we were inside,one of the Thailand signature,
Tuk Tuk car :)

Our beloved 4th Prime Minister,Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
He looks so real,ok!! 

There is even some tools putting there for you to use it for photography.
Like wrestling pants. No changing room for you,but Mr Hubby and my dad 
just put on the wrestling pants to cover their short pants and took off their shirt.

Just like in Thai boxing haha :)
My brother didn't take photo with it because he was wearing
long pants that day. How to take off his long pants when there isn't
any changing room? :P

My idol,Hello Kitty ♥

In the studio preparing for the Oprah Winfrey show.
Everyone has her/his role. Even my little girl has.
A lof of photos taken here,but I will just show some.

Then,we queued to go into the 4D cinema.
While waiting for the movie to start,we had a we-fie first.
The movie is Ice Age. The starting of the movie,there is snow pouring down
and our heads were full of white bubbly soap..haha...
Very great movie!

It is getting an end when we reach the souvenir department.
Jim Carrey was sculpture was here. I ♥ him!
Funny guy hehe...

Once we were out from the wax museum,
we saw this. I didn't know their name haha..

Hello Kitty I spotted in Siam Discovery.


We went to Siam Square One and I was very excited 
because we were going to Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.
Do you know how excited am I to be here?
 Surely a lot photos were taken here as I like taking photos.

Our tea-time here :)
Hello Kitty loots I got from Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

The mini hand fans FREE when you purchase items from there.
I gave some for my kitty friends,and left one for myself.
I will share details about this Hello Kitty loots in a post soon.

Hello Kitty spotted everywhere. This is in Isetan Bangkok which is 
inside Central World.

A photo of me + all the shopping loots and Hello Kitty ♥ 
The Hello Kitty Isetan paper bags is so cute right!!
My FB friends like them so much haha!!

These was what I got for myself from Isetan Bangkok.
I will share details about all these in a post ok?
The water bottle was selling in promotional price,and I grab extra 3 for sale.
Original Sanrio products which I'm selling for RM29.90 each.
Interested,can contact me ya :)

We went to Pratunam Market then. We didn't go to Chatuchak Market
because it was not weekend. I went to BKK from Tuesday to Saturday.
The last day is Saturday but we need to be at airport before 3pm.
Therefore,if we have chance,we will go to BKK again just for shopping :)

5th Day is last day at BKK. Before going to the airport,
we managed to go to Big C supermarket 
which is just opposite Central World,shopping for 
some local food as souvenirs for friends & relatives.

You know,I saw a lot of my FB friends must-have trend photo
with this Lao chips if you are in Thailand :)

♥ Finally I can end all these post about my BKK trip.
I had came back from BKK for a month and there is a lot of story 
happened in this 1 month.
Because of these BKK posts,I had a few posts postponed lol..
Will continue soon. I'm so lazy recently but also in the mood to 
update my blog ♥

Saturday, July 30, 2016

BKK~3rd Day (Part 3)

> Santorini Park > Asiatique The Riverfront > Cacha Hotel

We had fast food Mcd as our lunch.
I wanted to try their pork burger :)
~Samurai Pork Burger~
Sorry ya to my Muslim readers,showing this.
Hope you all won't mind :)

So lucky that at that time,the Mcd Happy Meal toy is this:
Hello Kitty Folding Comb,which Malaysia just released this week
starting 28/07/16.

I got 1 for myself and a few for my kitty friends as next gathering's lil gift.

My youngest daughter had chosen a mask for herself >.<
Girl also can have Transformer's mask,right?! Haha..

After the lunch,we head to Asiatique The Riverfront.
No entrance fee :)
It has over 1,500 boutiques(I didn't think that many,but this was what i got from google)
 and 40 restaurants housed under 
a huge replica warehouse complex.
Spending an evening here, you’ll have good fun browsing the boutiques,
 picking up gifts or something for yourself; 
you are guaranteed to find something you would like to eat and
 if this isn’t enough entertainment, shows are performed nightly: 
Calypso ladyboy cabaret and soon, a classic Thai puppets performance.
Here have ferris wheel too :) 

I,myself have gotten a very nice flowerish camera strap
with my name carved on the strap too.
I like shopping at such place,where you can take photos and 
at the same time,buying rare things and souvenirs in a very 
reasonable price. Also kids get to enjoy themselves.

My big & little kids :P

Carousel. My daughter rides on this too.

Here also has 3D Art,haha!!

Spent around 2 hours here and then only we went to 
check-in hotel. We stayed at Cacha Hotel this time.
Free wifi and the internet connection here very strong.
But no breakfast included.
Anyway,I'm satisfied with my stay at Cacha Hotel.
A hotel that combines modern art architect,
 street art hip design and Siam local culture.
Very artsy display here,and the artist try to 
create an artistic atmosphere in every room.

While they were waiting for me to check-in.

Their rooms very clean. As I said before,the most important thing I 
first look at when I search for hotel is the cleanliness :) Second,free wifi.
Third, free breakfast. 
Is Cacha Hotel near to the town? I'm not sure. But if we take Tuk-Tuk,
around 5 minutes will reach Platinum Fashion Mall.

We were not using van service for Day 4,as we will walk around 
Bangkok town by ourself. We will use the van service on Day 5 to the airport.
The driver told us that his friend will fetch us to the airport on Day 5.
Therefore,we requested him for a group photo. 
Now you get to see our handsome driver hehe!!!

And when we were back to Malaysia,the driver sent me some photos 
that he had taken with the kitty straw hats which my little girl desperately 
persuaded us to buy for her at Hua Hin.

I had combined all these photos into collage.
It feels like Hello Kitty was travelling with us :)

BKK~3rd Day (Part 2)

We continued to Swiss Sheep Farm.
Another popular tourist spot,must visit if you never been to here.
Entrance fee: 120Baht/adult, 80Baht/child.
The entrance ticket can exchange for some grass to feed the sheeps there.
So,don't throw away the ticket after you entered :)

We use the entrance ticket to redeem the grass :)

Feeding time. Quite fun because there is a few lambs which are not in the barn,
they will follow us but they won't attack people,haha!! Actually they were following the grass
in our hands lol...

My Japanese mummy :)

My brother's wife is so funny!! She afraid of the little lamb 'snatching' her grass,
so she hold the grass high up above her head! That's so funny right!!

My dad bonding time with the lamb :)
Elder daughter & lamb bonding time too..She wasn't looking at the camera
because she scared the lamb will attack her,haha!! 

Most 'natural' of me :) Taken by Mr Hubby.
I like seeing photo of me smiling big. Looks cute! Haha!!!
I was actually afraid the lamb will 'lick' me hahaha!!!
That is why I kept laughing and asked whether Mr Hubby already took
the photo.

They were in the 'frame'...

Couple apparels :))
Same shirt, same pants. Bought this same colourful pants from
Hua Hin night market.

Mr Hubby + Mrskitty Yi = 3 cute princesses :P

I'm always a little kid lol...I like swings.

Can you spot me?? 
Super sunny day and so we hurried ourselves to the next destination,
Santorini Park before we back too Bangkok.


The entrance fee for Santorini Park is 50Baht for resident,
while 150Baht for non-resident like us.
This place very suitable for family because it have shopping area,theme park
for the kids to play,and pretty spots to take pictures with. A lot of Instagram worthy picture.

Must-have photo at Santorini Park.
Mr Hubby said the Thais surely like ferris wheel because 
almost all tourist spot have ferris wheel. I like it too.
Feels like I'm back to childhood.

I think we stand too faraway from the camera.
Looking so tiny!

I like this photo so much! My elder daughter looks so cute with her 
'new friend' in this photo :)

Taking a rest because our legs hurt a lot after too many walks.

Even the toilet there has decoration in it.
I'm not kidding! This photo taken with so many parrots
was in the toilet :P

Not much photos taken here,I think because everyone already tired.
As when we back to BKK,everyone slept in the van except our handsome driver haha!!

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