Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All the way from Korea(ミ・。・ミ)

i really hate people who act like they are so famous,
not replying comments that others left for them.
Or are they pretend they do not saw the comments,
or too busy,notifications overload? 
Or whatever lame excuses they can thought of.
This so called 'famous' people will only replied 
those others who always praise them.!! These kind of people,pleaseeeee
got out from my life!
It's ok you want to be around me,
im not scare of you.i have Mr Hubby to protect me.
Some of you will also encounter this type of person.
The world is such a big big place where there is many kinds of people
living in it.Be happy,and just ignore them.You will still survive without them.
Don't you?? Just don't let them make you unhappy.
Ok,i will make you happy by sharing my hello kitty goodies 
all the way from Korea this time.
Hello Kitty ironing board cover.

Hello Kitty mini digital clock for the car.
Mr Hubby's car.It is his idea to put in his car.
OMG!! He gets my obsession towards hello kitty too. =P

Hello Kitty lunchbox with a die-cut hello kitty bag.

Hello Kitty mini face shape nightlight.
Till now,i still don't know where to use this.
My own room already had a kitty nighlight,
both my daughters too.
My sis doesn't need one as she likes Rilakkuma.
Well,keep it as collections,maybe? 

Hello Kitty magnetic clip.
A cute one.To help brighten up my work desk.
So,you wish to have all these kitty goodies?
Yes,add Hyeon Jong( in facebook.
She is a friend of mine who lives in Korea.
She online sell all these hello kitty stuff from Korea.
Gotta go! Bye!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iphone goodies(ミ・。・ミ)

My iphone is just so lucky.
Don't you think so?
The latest 3D Hello Kitty back cover for my iphone.

Hello Kitty crystal home button sticker.
i don't want to use those normal sticker.
This will definitely fits nicely and can keep me to use it longer.

Hello Kitty mini USB charger with flashlight.
How many chargers that i have exactly?
Haha...4? 5? Or even 6? i really can't remember.
That is why Mr Hubby always complaining me 
impulse buying,buying things that i not really need it.
i bought it because of hello kitty...XP

Another design of charger.
This is cuter.A hello kitty face.

Hello Kitty USB charger for iphone.
This can be used with laptop or pc.
Very convenient.So,when you forget to bring your charger,
and there is a laptop,you have this USB charger,DONE!

Hello Kitty head shape clip pouch with marshmallows.
Finish ate all the marshmallows.Yummy!
This clip pouch can fit my iphone.Quite big.
That's all for today's sharing.Gonna do some ordering with my supplier
before heading to bed.Need to help my customers summit their orders 
to the supplier and also my orders! Yeah...Shopping time now.
im always that happy and cheerful.No things can make my me unhappy
unless i can't shopping.Hehe...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kittylicious Iphone

Finally i decided to create another blog
named, Kittylicious Iphone to share my cute iphone
themes there.But,sadly it is a private blog for only VIP.
Hahaha...You can shoot me a Photobucket
to get the invitation.
Of course once again you need to follow my Instagram too
as i don't invite totally strangers! i want to know who i invite.
My Instagram username: Mrskittyyi
Let's sneak preview my new bloggie~

A big big thanks to El (
for the kitty tiny chum wallpaper.
im super love it till i use it as my iphone wallpaper,
blog header and even desktop background.
i won't feel bored looking at it all the times.
It is just so sweet.
★ ★ 

Friday, May 11, 2012

More Hello Kitty Loots(ミ・。・ミ)

Is my pinkish laptop kittylicious?
So, this is a plush cover for laptop or any LCD monitor.
i am selling this.READY STOCK! But in limited quantity.
For sure,i will grab the pink for myself.There is white colour available.
Whenever i bring my lappie out with me,
Surely it got a lot of attentions. 
People will like 'aww' 'ohh'
cute-nye...(our Malaysia language)
[i am quite proud actually]
My another Hello Kitty Cosmetic Box
to put all my daily skin care when i go travelling.
This is the most cute i think,because it is in hello kitty face shape.
And also sweet pink face.

For my daughter's bathroom.
Hello Kitty Water Heater Shower Head.
For your info,it is suitable for any standard size,the normal one
shower head pipe.
About the volume of the water,this depends on the water pressure.
Therefore,no relevant with the shower head.
i can't fix this to my bathroom because i am using 
AromaC Spa Shower to beautiful smooth skin.Hehehe...
So,that one need to put Lavender or Lemon refill cartridge.

Got this quite a long time.
 A product from Watsons Malaysia.
i can't find it in the nearest Watsons.
i had been to a few Watsons but failed to find this.
i asked my facebook friend,Kathleen who is also my 
customer to help me buy this from KL.
Yeap,i got it.Hello Kitty shower gel & towel set.
If it is in pink,that will be great!!! Haha...
im just so in love with PINK.
And now there is this Hello Kitty X Downy
fabric softener.
My living area is such a small town.Every thing also
slow to reach here.
Therefore,will try my luck later when i go Kuantan.
Hope i can buy a Downy Kitty there and upload the pic
for you all..

Mrskitty Yi

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How many is too many??(ミ・。・ミ)

How many is too many??
Anyone has the answer to this sounded-like-silly-question.
i have so many hello kitty stuff or you call that collections,
which till this second,i am not sure whether i ever repeat 
sharing the picha here.
i am like forgotten whether i posted here before.
i can check back my post but am very lazy to do that.
So,let's have a look at what i had got from supplier.
#Hello Kitty Princess Sequined Long Vest.
Which is the apparel i really like till now.
In pink,my fave colour and with big hello kitty image.
i don't care what others will say when i am wearing this.
Childish? i really don't care.i like being who i am.
#Hello Kitty Singlet & Shorts Set.
The shorts i wear it when i am at home.
While the singlet,can be wear outside.
#Hello Kitty X Stayreal Mother Daughter Blouse Set.
If this in pink,it will be purrrfect. >.<
Pink polkadot! i like!
Anyway,i still can accept it.
So,i am wearing the first time with my elder daughter,
Oh my gosh!!! i can't believe this is me in the picha.
My face is so chubby! =(
i think i really need to diet.
My elder daughter.Is she pretty?
Like her mom?? Haha...
#Hello Kitty Pink Indoor Home Slipper.
i need a home slipper.
Mine had given to my elder daughter.
So,i need a new pair.
Got this from my supplier too.
Hehe...i seldom shop outside for hello kitty stuff.
Mainly are from my supplier or some online
from facebook seller,ebay or etsy.
#Hello Kitty 3D Ear Socks.
i love this.i wear it during my beauty sleep time.
i also got a few extras for sale,and guess what??
Fast selling.Only instock for 2 days,
all sold out.And now,waiting for the restock
to reach my shop.
You can view my kitty selling items in my shop facebook account,

Click in the name and it will bring you to my shop fb account.
Not my personal facebook. Hehehe...!
But you can also add me in facebook.
Search for my name, Mrskitty Yi.
#Hello Kitty Pink Polkadot Face Shape Pillow.
My new beauty sleeping pillow.
How lucky to have such a cute pillow for sleeping time!
This pillow is like those standard pillow size.
Suitable for 1 adult to sleep.
i am also selling this and is pre-order.
Means you need to make full payment and i will help you order.
Wait 2 weeks and it reach Malaysia.
Then,i will notify you and post out to you.
Easy Job!
i gotta off now.My lil Baby J(my 3rd darling)
is calling me after she wakes up from her nap.
Bye! Have a great weekend,loves!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Iphone theme(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently i am very addicted in making iphone theme,
just like some of my online friends.
i love being their friends.They shared a lot of fantastic theme with me.
Am greatly appreciated it.
Some of my friends are Megan,Princess Panya,
El,Kim.Frenchillo and a few.
So,i would like to share a new theme created by myself.
i named this theme,
Hello Kitty Face Shape with Pink Polkadot Bow Theme.
So,every icon is a kitty face.
And also a wallpaper by me,with word
Whoever loves pink and hello kitty,
you can get this from me.
But i charge for this theme.
As i put a lot of effort in making it.
Hope you all understand.
But i still got themes free to share with you all.

But,the weather widget is not included in
this theme.

So,there is a notifcenter by me.

A cute pinky hello kitty dialer.
Aww....i really heart this dialer! So sweet and cute,isn't it?

A sms theme together in this theme.
So,if you interested in getting this theme,
you can email me:
i charge USD0.99 for this theme.
i think is a reasonable price =)
This iphone theme is suitable for 
iphone ios5.

My lovely pink kitty keyboard.
Which is to be used with ColorKeyboard.
i share this for free.
Who interested to get this,i can email you.
Follow my Instagram and

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

im back(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for the delay...again in updating 
my bloggie. Currently busy theming.
Yeap,i already knew the ways of making own 
iPhone theme. If you wanna download my theme,you can 
view my theme at Instagram.
My username: Mrskitty Yi
Be sure your iphone is ios5.
Okay,cut the crap. Let's have a look at
what kitty stuff i am going to share with you.
Hello Kitty soft fluffy cosmetic pouch
which i use as my pencil case.
Heart the 3 white bows and also
the hot pink colour.
Hello Kitty racks.
For my hello kitty figurines. And hello kitty re-ment toys.
Hello Kitty Table Cloth (square)
for my daughter's studying table.
The same design but is in rectangular shape
for my kitchen table.
Trust what i say,my home
really is all in pink colour.Except some of the furniture
and the sofa.
Mr Hubby already said i am such a pinkaholic.
Whatever things i bought for my home,it is a MUST
in pink colour. =)

Lastly,for today's post:
Hello Kitty 2-tier basket.
Quite rare kitty stuff.
i got it from an online Singaporean seller in facebook.
Chinchin Widjaja.
Search her name in facebook.
But this is the only and last one she sold.
No more extra!
Lucky me!
So,this is in my elder daughter's room,
who is also a hello kitty lover like her mother,ME.

That's for today.Bye! See you tomorrow.

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