Wednesday, September 30, 2009

heLLo kiTTy gift frOm Abby!

Today suppose to continue story aboutPhotobucket hunting at Kuantan,but,'potong trip'.i had to share about this first,as in the morning,when i open my shop as usual,the postman came with this parcel.From Abby. i had asked her help me buy Kelloggs 2 boxes,the get thisPhotobucket mug & spoon for free.Abby such a sweety sweety friend.She wrapped the parcel nicely & cutey like Photobucket.She even printed my name & address looks like a PhotobucketsayingPhotobucket That's cute & kawaii,right??i even got the Photobucketbowl hugger in both of the Kelloggs boxes.That means,i really have faith with Photobucket.

Ok,i got mine too....hehe:D happy and excited to the top of the worldPhotobucketAbby,my 'best friend online',should give her this nick name,hehe:DPhotobucket She even gave me somePhotobucket stuff.Let's see what is itPhotobucket

She gave me aPhotobucket document file,Photobucket angpao or we can say red packets,but not in red.It is in pink,my favourite colourPhotobucketThen,there is also aPhotobucket long eraser.i like the angpao the most as it is really cutey and pinky..
This is thePhotobucket long eraser.Behind the eraser is somePhotobucket stickers.i like this Photobucketwith bear series especially in pink pink..Ok,story really should continue tomorrow.i wanna enjoy with myPhotobucket stuff.THANKS SO MUCH, Abby.i really appreciate your kindness towards me...& lucky to have a friend like you.That's because of Photobucket,i had the chance to get to know you...Photobucket Really have to say goodbye..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wOw,that's called LUCKY!!


Yesterday,holiday for me,my sister & my hubby.My hubby decided to close our shop for a day & we went to Kuantan to visit my parents.Besides,had a small shopping trip.i wanted to find kelloggs.We went to Carrefour in ECM.Unfortunately,no kelloggs freePhotobucket bowl hugger.Ok,our next trip,to The Store in Kuantan Parade.i had some works there whom my pa-in-law asked me to do.So,we went there.At first,i saw kelloggs but not the 1 freePhotobucket bowl hugger.When i took out 1 of the kelloggs box to see what's behind it,my sister screamed,"That's Photobucket Photobucket" But left 1 box only.i had asked the staff there,OOS.Ok,i will really have to see my luck.When i opened it,that's called LUCKYPhotobucket No need to say,from picture above,you know i getPhotobucket instead of Photobucket.But,here no promotion of kelloggs that buy 2 boxes,will getPhotobucket mug & spoon.
i had earlier asked Abby to help me buy at Jusco.She already bought for me,will get mine soonerPhotobucket So,about the kelloggs,i do not eat,i gave to my mum to settle about it.HehePhotobucket
Story will be continue tomorrow about my Photobuckethunting at Kuantan.

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