Friday, February 22, 2013

Hatyai Thailand(ミ・。・ミ)

My holiday is super fun.
Even though not going too faraway places,
only to Hatyai,Songkhla Thailand,
but we (my family & i) all super enjoy!
Can you see,can you feel their happiness? 
Yes,the happiness really show in their smile! 
This is what called blissfulness. Life is great when you have this!
i was travelling to Thailand during Chinese New Year
with my own family,my parents,my brother & his girlfriend,
my sister and also my aunt(my father's sister).

More photos from the trip already uploaded
to my facebook profile =)

Haha...this is V-day present for Mr Hubby.
From the photo,can see that Mr Hubby looks
so NOT natural.See his hand. The 'girl'
requested Mr Hubby to hug her. Hahaha!!!
My GOOD hubby~

Wherever i go,im always looking for Hello Kitty.
This trip i only managed to find 1 small shop selling
Hello Kitty stuff.Am already contented.
Grab all these which i super like!!
There is bolster,car organizer pouch,sunshades,
blanket pillow,very big cosmetic pouch,
kitchen gloves,kaychain,contact lens case
and a very cute pyjamas.
Aren't they so cute in pink?

My hello kitty also travelling with me.
She also got the chance to have a photo with
the golden mermaid...hehehe...

And now,we are planning to another destination.
Not yet know where to go..
Still planning. Maybe Hong Kong Disneyland.
Ouch...Imagine the whole trip consists of 11 people,
how much will that costs?? Euww...i not dare imagine.

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