Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Kittylicious Home(ミ・。・ミ)

Oh my,recently im busy with shopping. Yes,only shopping.
Chinese New Year is near,im celebrating it (fyi),
therefore im busy shopping for new clothes for myself,of course
& for my family...=)
Now,im a full time wife,mommy and also full time shopper.
Haha...that's what Mr Hubby always call me,shopaholic.
What a blissful life i lead. Retired in the age of 28??! Looks like 
im kidding,right? Haha...whatever ya think..:)

Got this for myself or should i say for my kitchen?
Got it quite long time ago. Fyi again,im selling this too,
but is pre-order.
Hello Kitty kitchen scissors.
Specially bought this to cut chilli..haha...>.<

Searching my hello kitty album in my facebook profile,
realized i forgot to upload this photo here to share with my beloved readers.
Hello Kitty face shape mini table which i got it to decorate the lil corner
that im going to put all my kitty collections.
Mr Hubby is now trying his best to find free time to help me decorate,
stick wallpaper sticker and arranging all the kitties to the 2nd floor living room
in my house... When it is done,i will share the lovely kittyfied photo here.

These what i ordered from my best friend,
Hyeon Jong ( facebook seller)
All the way from Korea.

This for the bathroom in my bedroom.
While the below photo
for my daughters' bathroom.
My house got 2 bathroom with toilet seats
while the other one is not toilet bowl...hehe1 of my dreams
(i have so many dreams and wishes..>.<)
 is to have a kittyfied hello kitty house. Hope i can have that before i die...haha!!

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