Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mister Donut X Hello Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

I feel I'm so so so lucky to have known a few amazing friends 
from Facebook and Instagram.
1 of them(who requested not to tag her) had helped me
bought this Mister Donut Hello Kitty Cooler Bottles from Thailand.

I got the complete 4 pcs of them!

Surely the pink one my favourite.
 But the blue one also cute!

Yes,it is plastic material,but who cares!!
I won't really use them. I bought them for display collection only hehe!!

This cooler bottles really worth buying as they are really big in size!
At first,before getting them, I thought they are small. But,once received them
surprised at its size and they look nice in real. Got them for RM20 each.
But,some Facebook seller selling at the price of RM45-RM55 each!! 
Therefore,I'm lucky lol...

And Shell Malaysia released Hello Kitty X Tokidoki figurines!!
It is the same as the one released from Hong Kong 7-11 year 2011.
I had some from Hong Kong,still not yet complete,missing a few of them.
Struggling hard to find the remaining bits.
For the Shell Malaysia,I actually lack of 2 designs,the ciao Kitty & sunshine Kitty.
An Instagram friend, @melonina gifted me the 2 figurines and I don't even have to 
try my luck buying the blind boxes from Shell.
Upper display box is the complete 10pcs from Shell Malaysia.
Below are from 7-11 Hong Kong.
And good news is I already found the remaining bits to complete this
Tokidoki X Hello Kitty figurines set. *clap hands*

Ordered another handmade Blythe carrier from an Etsy seller.
For you who is interested to get this same handmade Blythe carrier or other 
stuff by this seller, this is her shop link in Etsy:

Had been like a year? Or maybe 2 years I haven't weigh myself.
My weight scale spoilt so got myself a new cute one.
It is a Hello Kitty face shape and digital one.
When I uploaded this photo to my Facebook & Instagram,
almost everyone not focusing at the cute weight scale lol..
They focus at my weight..haha!! I know I'm slim even 
after giving birth to 3 kids. *proudlady*

Some of the items I got for myself this month of July.
Hello Kitty powerbank again!! Lost count of the powerbank I have xD
It is 12000 mAh and I have ready stock for this powerbank.
If you interested,may LINE/wechat mrskittyyi.

Swarovski Hello Kitty Pink Bow Ballpoint Pen.
Even though there is new designs released,but I still prefer this as
it is in sweet pastel pink colour.

Just back from my short trip with family to I-City,Shah Alam
and had just posted a lot of the photos in my Facebook album :)
Will blogged about my trip if time allows...hehehe!!!

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