Sunday, July 6, 2014

Re-ment Hello Kitty Supermarket(ミ・。・ミ)

Blogging mode is back lolol....
This post pretty much sums up my Sunday.
What i do on this Sunday? Photo shooting my dolly friends,playing with my new re-ment
and bringing my kids to Sushi King.
Finally...another new re-ment set added to my re-ment collection.
It is Sanrio Re-Ment Hello Kitty Supermarket collection set.

If grocery shopping at Hello Kitty Supermarket,that will be GREAT!!!
As usual,the set contains 8 collectible miniatures.
1st: basket,biscuits and box and a cheese & tomato soup?

2nd: (Not sure what is it haha...)
Who knows may kindly leave comment ya hehe :)

3rd: bread which is in Hello Kitty face shape! (OMG!!), milk carton & apple jam.

4th: Sushi and oil (is it?)

5th: white eggs,strawberries & cookies?

6th: pasta,extra virgin olive oil,margarine & ....

7th: dish soap,toilet roll papers,LED light bulb(a Hello Kitty shape too!)
& sponge. All these really are to-die-for. How I wish these are sell in reality.

8th: ice-cream & ice-cream waffle cones.

 Something i like about the packaging box.
You can cut it out to shape like a counter.
And here is mine after i cut it and fold it as instructed.
Cute hor??

So,with this set,Annabelle and Cindy can do a grocery shopping 
at Hello Kitty Supermarket.
This is when they unpacking the grocery items in their kitchen.

Cindy can't wait to enjoy the ice-cream,hehe!!

Brought my daughters to Sushi King this afternoon with Mr Hubby & his brother.
Sushi,their all time favourite!

Hope you have a great weekend too!

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