Sunday, July 26, 2015

Malacca Trip

I went to Malacca during Hari Raya holiday. Not me alone,always went with my family,my hubby,my daughters,my dad & mom, and my brother & his wife. My sister didn't join us this time because she can't take leave. 
Surely will bring 1 of my doll together with me. I just brought one along with me this time because I feel so many things to bring if I bring more than 1 doll. 

Doll photography is what I enjoy besides taking photos of Hello Kitty 😊
Mr Hubby said there were a lot of people looking at me when I'm doing my photoshoot job with my doll. He is quite proud of me because I still can enjoy taking pics of the doll when so many people are looking at me. I don't care what they think,as long as I'm happy and doing the thing I like, that's matter 😊 Remember,you only live once.

Another nice photo.
The caption goes like this:

"Hmm...that's my train leaving,gotta go,see ya! Goodbye!"
We went to famous places in Malacca like Jonker Walk, St Paul Hill, Maritime Muzeum, Upside Down House, Mamee Jonker House, A'Famosa & I think I didn't left out any names lol...
This is Upside Down House which is located at Jalan Plaza Mahkota 7, near Mahkota Parade.My dad always is the most humorous one.See his posing in the photo..😂

While this is Hello Kitty Upside Down House at Jonker Walk. It is together with the 3D Art. 
I had chosen nice photos to upload here. Can't upload all the photos here. So you can view them in my Facebook album if you are my fb friends 😊 
Fun time at 3D Art that is together with the Hello Kitty Upside Down House.

We went to Jonker Walk at Friday night. Really a lot,a lot,a lot of people.But we manage to shop and even take photo lol..😁😆😅
Ignore that fake Hello Kitty hat. It is actually my youngest daughter kept on wanna buy it and throw tantrum,so Mr Hubby bought it for her. Then,after like 30 minutes,she doesn't want to wear it,I was lazy to hold it for her,therefore I put on my head haha!!

My funny face hehehe...
Where is my brother?? He's the photographer..😝

Even walking still want OOTD photo.

Mamee Jonker House.

We went to Old West A'Famosa only. Didn't went to waterpark and safari because I don't want to play water after so many trip to waterpark. And we had been to Gambang safari park before,so we skip safari park this time.Old West got funfair and children theme park,my daughters' favourite. And we want to watch the Red Indian show & musical parade.
There is also fireworks daily. 
Took this photo while waiting for the show.My mom spoiled her.Bought the light toy for her so that she won't be naughty while waiting for the show. 

So,this pretty sums up my short holiday at Malacca with my beloved family. And now, back to work 😔

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