Saturday, October 3, 2015

SG50 Hello Kitty

Finally I got hold of the SG50 Hello Kitty Plush Collectible from McDonald's Singapore. They are so so so lovely ok!!

Complete set of 6 plush and a limited edition Singapore landscape booklet(inclusive of 6 paper standees for the plush & 6 Hello Kitty cards).

This set released by Singapore Mcd in July 2015. And now only I got it 😁

The Ferris wheel cardboard is cute. What makes it even cuter is the cardboard Hello Kitty 3D, which can be insert into the Ferris wheel.

Each plush a unique character.
Durian Lover,Samsui Woman & McDonald's Crew. 

Orchid Lover, SG50 Parade & Trishaw Uncle. Do you know which characters is my favorite among the 6 of them? 

Durian Lover!!! My fave!! 

So cute with the durian thorn 😊❤️
How about you? Which is your favourite? 

And now my new mission is to collect the newly release Hello Kitty stationery toys from McDonald's USA. 8 of them in a set. Still finding this set in a reasonable price. Especially now, Malaysia currency had dropped till so scary 😔 Everything from overseas is SO EXPENSIVE! 

Before I complete my new mission, let's have a look at this old toy of mine.

NDSL if I didn't name it wrongly hehe...
Anyone still playing this too? 😁😁😅😅
I almost forgot I had this! Found it in 1 of the drawer when I was doing house-cleaning. And downloaded some new games into it to play. Addicted playing this now. My youngest daughter kept on grabbing this from me to play 😤
Seems like every new post here contains new iPhone cover. This week, I received 3 new covers once shot 😏 
This My Melody one super sweet. For me, everything in pink looks cute, nice, beautiful & kawaii...

The other new cover is a pink simple cover written "GOOD GIRL". The one I'm advertising at the left sidebar here in my blog. And the last one is the Chanel cigarette cover. Didn't take any photo of it as you saw it before. I had that case for my iPhone 6 last time. 
It is like a black cigarette box with pink cigarette and Chanel words written on the cover. 

End today's post with yummy pic.
Home grown mango from my father-in-law. He planted a mango tree and now we ate the mangoes till we feel yuck! 
Too many of it haha!! 
But the mango taste so delicious, so sweet..

Now waiting Mr Hubby comes back from work and off we go to Bahau later. There is a new mall opening there with Tesco supermarket in it. Window-shopping mah..😊😊😊

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