Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's Mid Autumn already!!

I almost stop blogging for a month!! 
Keep on postponing my job as a blogger. Feeling so so so lazy recently.
Beware!! This will be a long long post,I assure you haha!!
A lot of things happened. 
With I just met back my big cousin after lost contact for 16 years!!
28 years ago...Me and my big cousin. I'm cute right haha!!

And then my maternal grandma pass away last week. Peacefully pass away.
She is 81 this year :)

And then,Mr Hubby bought me this:

Not my birthday yet,not wedding anniversary gift either.
Blessed right!! Haha...:P
My favourite brand. I like their design. Very modern,not like aunty style
(But some of the design also look aunty lah...depends on your choosing,hehe)

Just look like I'm no longer a Kitty fans,right?! Such a long time
didn't update any Kitty collections. Recently addicted buying apparels,shoes
and even bags!! All my salary goes to these 3 I just mention.
Just got this cute Hello Kitty X Q Transformers by Takara Tomy.
So tiny in size yet so cute! Bought it from ebay. Reasonable price.

Hello Kitty rechargeable battery from 7-11 Malaysia.
I bought it as collection,not going to use it because I don't have the 
recharge battery thing. 

I'm now selling this very cute bow shape cable protector
which is very very popular and fast selling.
No more cable busted. I believe a lot of you met with this situation too. 

2 colours available, pink and rose pink.
I'm selling RM8 each. If interested to get it,hurry before
it is sold out again. You know where to contact me :)

*I just realised the photos above got date.
They are kept in my iphone camera roll until now only update here.
1 month time haha!! I will promise to be more diligent starting now.
Hope I can update post every day.

Very nice photo taken right? *self-praise again..
Euro Fun Park at Kuantan. This photo taken using my iphone 6+
No editing of the colour,original photo. I think nice lah...

Went there with my family during eve of Merdeka(Independence Day of Malaysia)
Brought my kids to play. But actually I play more than them.
I'm a big kid LOL...

Bought Hello Kitty keyboard to be use in office.
I had always wanted to get one but I don't have pc at home.
Chance is here,I'm working now,so I think of buying 1 to use at office.
Luckily my big boss allow me to use it.

Mr Hubby said I'm the 'good' worker because no one will spend
their own money buying something to use in an office.
That's me! I don't care lah long as I got a cute pink keyboard
and surely won't be bored working and typing using a pink kitty keyboard,isn't it?
Hehehe...*excuse excuse

Comes with a cute Hello Kitty optical mouse.
If anyone interested,can contact me too.I'm doing pre-order for this too.

This My Melody cardboard file holder also for office use.
I bought 2. I chose My Melody design instead of kitty one because 
the kitty one not fully in pink :( And not cute.

Very very nice right? So sweet.
Isn't it everything in pink is nicer,prettier and cuter? Haha..

Happy leh another wish list ticked!
Hello Kitty Sweet Chocolate Party Set Part 2 from 7-11 Taiwan.

The cutest set,I swear!! Kitty-chan with eyelashes...Arghhh!!!
Just can't stand the cuteness!!

Comparison with Part 1(pic above)
There is Part 3,I hope I'm able to collect that set too.
Or anyone willing to send it as birthday gift to me? 
My birthday next month oh...haha!!
Please do send me Hello Kitty Sweet Chocolate Party Set Part 3 ya *kiss

Thanks to Laneige or should I thanks to my sister-in-law for this lil gift?
Hehehe... It is actually like this. I had the Laneige voucher book 
which you will get if you first time purchase Laneige products.
Inside the voucher book,there is a voucher that you can use when you
introduce your BFF to buy Laneige,and you can get this complimentary set of 5 items.

I didn't hard sell this brand lah,coincidently, my sis-in-law(my brother's wife) 
wanna try out this brand too. So,I gave her the voucher to use it when she bought
Laneige products and I can get this set FOC..
Muahahaha...who doesn't like free gift ah..

Time really flies..... So fast already Mid Autumn.
Today is Mid Autumn Festival.
I got this from my big boss.
I'm not a mooncake fans.I not really like mooncakes especially those classic type.
I prefer jelly mooncakes. So,very good my big boss gave jelly mooncakes for me.

Yesterday, I took this photo without Mr Hubby's permission.
I'm blessed to get to know him,become his wife.
Even though he is not rich,but but he can provide me a stable life 
and always supporting my hobby. 
He helps make mini-sized lantern for my dolls.
He insists to make a Hello Kitty head shape one haha!!
I made a circle shape because it is way easier mah...

The lantern outcome:
Very very cute right!!

My daughters <3 p="">
It is funny how my youngest daughter,Justina scare of holding 
the lantern. Because she is scare of the candle's flame.
She screamed non-stop yesterday when I'm taking all these photos.
This year her first time playing lantern. 

End of today post here wishing all of my loyal readers
A Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all of you.

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