Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CNY Eve & Day 1

Every year Chinese New Year eve 
will be at my parents-in-law's house since I got married. Having reunion dinner together. 

Steamboat for almost a few years already. As my mother-in-law feel it is easier to do steamboat than to cook few dishes. For me,is fine as long as all is back having reunion dinner together.

After reunion dinner, surely mostly all Chinese will have this activity..😛

'Playing poker cards'.

That's how we enjoy our CNY eve. 
Eating,drinking & playing.
CNY Day 1 before heading out to have our breakfast,we had a family photo first.

Then,after breakfast,
we went to local shopping mall 
walk walk.
Bought GSC ticket,2nd CNY movie,The Monkey King 2.
The first one we had watched is 
Let's Eat. 3rd movie will be From Vegas to Macau 3 on CNY Day 2 😆
Gonna watch all CNY movies!

CNY Day 1 in pink cheongsam.
How do I look like? China doll? 😅😂 Haha!!! 
Noticed that I had almost everything in pink on CNY Day 1.
Pink cheongsam,pink tote bag,pink watch,pink case,pink toe nails 
& pink heels.
So cuteee!!! Everything looks so nice in pink,don't you agree? Hehe...can't control myself when it is pink colour. 
Too like it! 

❤️Hubby wifey look❤️
CNY Day 2 will be at my parents' home.
(To be continue...)

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