Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Kitty Run Fruity Rush

Last Sunday,there is a kittylicious event held in Taman Botani Perdana,
Kuala Lumpur. It is the 1st Hello Kitty Run Fruity Rush Malaysia 2016.
5km fun run. I think I would called it walkathon because I walked instead
of run! Haha!! I can run but I want to enjoy more,taking photograph of all the cute
decorations,and have fun along the tropical fruit-themed checkpoints along the route.

And I'm very happy to be able to meet with some of the kitty online friends 
whom I had known for years. For the very first time,we met!! You know how excited am I!!

You can spot me easily! But can you spot Mr Hubby? Haha!! He had been left out behind.
For more photos,you can visit my facebook. I had set this album to public.Therefore,if you are not
FB friends,you still can view the photos.

Love this big man of mine who accompany me to Hello Kitty run and
 meeting all my online girlfriends 😁 but never grumble once. 
I'm even touched when he said that he will accompany me to join any kitty event even 10 years,20 years later,regardless of age. 
How many man can accept their wife being a mother still like Hello Kitty 😹?
Some will think it is childish. I'm grateful that my hubby not in the 'some'.
I want this man to be my man in next life,next next life & every next life haha!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

 And we are on news lol...:) 
Guang Ming Daily. 
Not really like the photo.I look a bit fat standing like this :(
Anyway,happy lah because get featured in newspaper haha!!

The finisher medal from Hello Kitty Run Fruity Rush Malaysia 2016 is super cute 😻😻😻
 I'm so in love with it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… 

The race pack is amazing! There is a yellow drawstring bag that you
can use during the race to keep all your precious belongings,race ID tag,race booklet,
very cute runner's T-shirt.
This T-shirt is the cutest among all the kitty race that had held so far,
I think lah...hehe...
Then,there is mineral water from Hello Kitty cafe,Pokka Ice Lychee Tea,
discount voucher from Hello Kitty cafe,Hello Kitty tattoo,a 4" plush ball chain & finisher medal.
Both of the medal & plush will be given only after participants finishes the race.

Mr Hubby & my race ID tag. 
The finisher 

The tattoos...very cute. A lot of kitty fans put on their face :(
I didn't manage to put on 
the tattoo :( If next year will held this event again,I'm going to collect the race pack
myself & stay 1 night at KL. I asked a friend's help to collect race pack.
And I was just on time reached the venue. A bit rush actually.
And this friend wanna join the 1st wave of the kitty run >.< So,she called me
and inform me that she left our race pack at the info counter and asked me 
to collect from there. I'm a bit dislike actually about this. But,can't blame others 
because I'm the one who needs her help.
Luckily I still have some of the kitty friends who wait for me and we 
planned earlier to walk together :) At least this cheer me up!

The runner's T-shirt. Very very nicely design,right!
It is the same with the Hello Kitty shirt!

 Even the race booklet is so cute!! 
Okay,so every Hello Kitty fans is getting this Limited Edition Hello Kitty bottles set from Tupperware Malaysia..
And I think I shouldn't miss it!πŸ˜…

When this set launched in Malaysia on February if I'm not wrong,
a lot of people mentioning this set to me,hoping I will buy from them.
I didn't buy because I got to know Tupperware Malaysia is sponsoring this
Hello Kitty Run Fruity Rush.So,I'm brave to think that there must be 
merchandise selling & should have this Hello Kitty Tupperware :)

Yeah,I'm correct! And somemore got discount 25% if you have 
the Tupperware member card. Mt friend,Eva had it.
And I got this set for RM71.25 only!!!! Good deal!
The actual price is RM95/West Malaysia,RM99/East Malaysia.

It was Mr Hubby's birthday the next day after the kitty run.
I had bought this for him on Last Saturday,one day before the kitty run.
If I'm not wrong, this is the 2nd birthday present that I ever got for Mr Hubby πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 

 My friend said,present fromhubby is uncountable,present from wife?
10 fingers can counted out. Haha!! Don't you agree?

Nice?? Luggage? No.
My mom is the greatest.
Saw people selling this Hello Kitty cosmetic pouch in the shape of luggage 
but in very mini size,so cannot call luggageπŸ˜‚πŸ˜†,
she ask for a pink one but 
they don't have pink for sale,so she bought it anyway.. 
Kitty妈妈,θ°’θ°’δ½ ε“¦πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

Happy can finish this post today.
Last weekend had been a busy one.
So,I'm going to relax this weekend :)

Happy weekend,friends!

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