Saturday, March 19, 2016


Keep working out. Once you start,you can't stop!
We try our best to jog everyday. If not,at least 3 times/week.
Busy keeping fit hehe...After work,Mr Hubby & I jog at the nearby 
garden every evening. A lot of people jogging here. 

I' a bit angry recently.
Someone in my office (1 of my colleague) said that I'm
not slim enough!! She compared me with those gals who haven't given birth.
Do you compare a mother's body size with a girl's body size??😕
I will just ignore this lady's word. She is fatter than me,yet give a lot of comment.

Being a mom of 3 with this body size,I'm satisfied.

My 2 pretty princess.
😁😙 Notice what's the difference?
The elder had cut her fringe. And I think it looks cute.
Not so mature face. She is in Year 6 this year. 
The 2nd daughter rebonding her hair.
And now she looks a lot prettier,isn't it? Hehehe...

This week has been quite a relax week for me.
Not much job in office due to our office's computer in upgrade process.
And as usual,happy parcel day for me.

3D Hello Kitty back cover for my Iphone 6+
and bling bling tempered glass screen protector.
Had waited this few weeks and finally reached me
last Tuesday. I'm so happy to see the parcel.
If you curious where I always got such nice casing,
I ordered from my supplier. Don't forget I'm an online seller hehe...
I seldom buy from others.

Interested with the screen protector & cover? You may contact me
to order for you. Please refer to left sidebar [BIO] for the ways contact me.

I had gotten this when it is in discount price.
This DIY diamond puzzle is from Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia.

I'm halfway now. 50% loading. Once it is done,I will frame it and 
hang it at my Hello Kitty corner.
This activity is quite addictive. I regret now that I didn't buy other designs as well.
Just bought one.

Oh,ya...Let's have a look at my good girl.
#throwback to last last Sunday. If you still remember my old post that day
about my daughter getting a notice from school requesting us
to go together with her to receive the certificate & scholarship.
At school hall queuing up to go on stage to get the certificate.
Accompany by her dad :)
When I heard the teacher said a parent need to go on stage together to receive the certificate & scholarship 😱 I'm too shy to be on stage lol..
therefore I be the camera woman haha!!

The little one busy taking the certificate from the headmaster,haha!!
 Looks like she is the one getting the certificate,not her sister >.<

Well done,girl. Mommy is proud of you!
Keep up the good work.


Jane Tung said...

Hey there, nice blog:) may I know where did you buy the frame from? I too bought the diy bling bling art, but Dono where can get the frame.

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi, Jane. I just brought the bling bling art to frame shop and they helped frame it :)

Hope my answer helps you.

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