Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Little Things

I got went into the Sanrio Gift Gate shop at Sunway Pyramid
during our 3rd gathering last last last weekend.
And nothing much new arrivals..
Besides,some items are way too expensive,I personally think.
Expensive than other country's Sanrio shop selling.

So I just got myself these 2 items.
Hello Kitty name card holder.
 A very cute Hello Kitty die-cut shape.

Hello Kitty Index Note Pad. So cute right!!
Stick-it note. For planner use.
By the way, I had just ordered a new Hello Kitty planner 
for year 2017 from Japan.
Ordered it from a Japan agent who is a Malaysian
and happen to live at Japan.
Looking forward to my new kitty planner!! :) 

The name card holder.

Side view.
When I buy this name card holder,
I forgot that I had ordered the same one but with red bow and blue shirt kitty
from my supplier. And after I bought it,the stocks arrived.
Oops!! So,I had extra for sale. You may have a look at my fb page.

#throwback to souvenirs from Korea. 
My colleague bought it for me.

Hello Kitty pink cutter & Hello Kitty paper clips.
So sweet of her to think of me when holidaying in Korea.

My Iphone casing story...
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