Friday, August 24, 2012

Holiday Mood(ミ・。・ミ)

Still in my holiday mood.
Arh,for my foreigners' friends information,
currently it is my country,Malaysia's holiday.
School holidays for about a week plus and not yet ended.
Happy news is i will be getting more free each day passing.
Unemployed but employed by Mr Hubby as full-time wife
who doesn't know how to cook.Haha...:)
This holiday i just went back to my parents' home.
Surely bring my lil kitty.
She is so lucky to have the chance to travel with me...xP
Lunch time at Sushi King.
Night even went with us to Goldern Screen Cinema for a movie.
Hantu Gangster,the movie title.
Haha,that's my elder daughter's legs..>.<
Bought this Hello Kitty popcorn iphone pouch in 1 of the kiosk
inside the shopping mall.
Evening treat at the famous dessert shop. can be so enjoying~
Got this too..! Hello Kitty Cute Figurines Set.
You can purchase from my online shop.
Add my shop facebook account:
But this is pre-order.i had waited for 2 weeks for mine to reach me.
Nothing much to say.Till next time then.


Melissa Lagoc said...

You don't know how to cook? Who cooks for you?

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Melissa, Normally my mom-in-law cooks for us..She is the best chef..All her foods super delicious..
Or we will eat together at restaurants...:)

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