Friday, August 10, 2012

McDonald's Hong Kong(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for letting this cutie blog of mine abandoned.
But,in another month,i will be very very free!
If you read my previous post,you sure know the reason.
Yes,i will be full time wifey for Mr Hubby.
Nah...the wifey who doesn't know how to cook. Hehe...
Okay,let's get back to today's topic.
Hong Kong McDonald's just released Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Series.
i had always collect McDonald's X Hello Kitty collaboration.
Their products never upset me.
Especially Hong Kong McDonald's.
(i already had a few collections from them)
This time,this 2012 year,it is fairy tales.

This series is based on the fairy tales characters.
So,it makes me reminisce my childhood.
The ugly duckling character,Little Red Riding Hood,
The Frog Prince and etc..
This set has 5 hello kitty plushies all dress up as the fairy tales characters
and a special edition story book.
The 5 plushies:
Wizard of Oz,The Frog Prince,Wisdom Owl,
The Ugly Duckling and Little Red Riding Hood.
i managed to ask my supplier in Hong Kong to help me get also
the Limited Edition 24 Hours McDelivery Hello Kitty Plush
which is like a kitty witch.She is holding a cute broom.
Arhhh...They are all so cute!
Any Hello Kitty junkies like me should get this!!
Worth to collect~


yikang said...

By any chance, do you think I can still purchase this set?

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@yikang, sorry,this already no more for pre-order...This is my own set..

Ivan June said...

Babe, can give me the supplier details? I wanna get the frog kitty.. Do you know is it still available???

cindy said...

Hihi! may I know where can I get the Wisdom Owl Hello Kitty? contact me at Thank you.

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@cindy: Sorry this is sell 1 set,not separately..Now already no more for pre-order. You may add my online shop in facebook for new items :) Online shop name is KittyYi SweetSweetshop

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