Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Raya(ミ・。・ミ)

Happy Raya to all my Malay friends!
So,tomorrow is Malaysia's Hari Raya festival.
And it is a holiday.My daughters' already 
started their school holidays on Last Thursday.
i will be away for 2 days.No updating bloggie here
and also my iphone blog.
For you who is  my blog's first-time-reader,
my iphone blog is where i share my iphone themes and also 
a bit of ipad themes.Of course you will need a jailbroken idevice
if you wish to download the themes.
This is my iphone blog link:

Okay,back to my story.i will going back to my daddy mommy's home.
Why not back to in-laws' home? Because we live near to Mr Hubby's parents' home.
Therefore,whenever there is holidays,surely we will going to my parents' home.

This is the main point.
Finally i found them in
i wish to have this long time ago.
Yes,yesterday received the parcel from
xl-shop(the most famous shop selling all kinds of figurines)
i was happy to the max!! Till now..
To introduce you,this is 
♡Kei's Kittyler-Rio with Hello Kitty figurine 

while this babe is ♡Okama's Kittyler-Iroha Nekomura.
i super love this the most! Especially her kitty umbrella.
Hehe...i received a lot of parcels these 2 days
and Mr Hubby was like,when-you-order-all-these expression..~.~
Wakakaka...but he always allow me to buy.
That's why i love him the most.
i never complain,and i felt grateful that he is my Mr Hubby.
Thanks God for giving me a good Mr Hubby.

That's all for today. im happy because holiday mood is on again.
Happy Holiday!

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