Friday, September 21, 2012

All the way from Japan(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for the longness no dropping by here.
i was busy with my lil family,and also working on some iphone themes requests.
Yes,im taking request,not because of to get the money,
but because of im enjoying the process in making iphone themes!
Some themes need to be charged as i put a lot of effort and time into it.
Nothing is FREE in this world though.
Busy making lunch for my lil family almost everyday.
Some day we will just eat outside...hehe =)
Therefore,im not all the time online now.
i need to care for my kids.

Get back to our story tonight.
About the online purchases i made with Eileen
(as said before in my previous post)
Hello Kitty children hanger sets.
1 set 2 pieces.i bought 3 sets.
(fyi,the price is damn high because of it is from Japan)
Hello Kitty adult adjustable hanger sets.

Hello Kitty burger shop,donut shop & ice-cream shop figurines set.
Yes,they are very cute and very limited.
You can't get these in Malaysia.
They are from Japan too.

You know,all these costs Mr Hubby about 
RM200 include postage.
But lucky Mr Hubby is good enough no babbling me,
no scolding me,no warning me..Aww...he is just too sweet~
That's why i love him so much!
Not because of his money,
it is because he is caring and also 
support my hobby.
He knows i like Hello Kitty,and he never 
control me in buying them...=)

My Baby J is calling me.
Gotta go.Before that,let's have a look at her.
Yea,she is now 15 months ++
And yes,she learnt to walk.

Till here.Nite Nite!!

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