Wednesday, September 26, 2012


im not a big fan of moon cakes,
but this is Hello Kitty moon cakes.
i think i definitely should get them!
Mr Hubby said to buy all the 3 designs released by GoodChen.
He said he doesn't want me to regret later if i choose any 1 or 2 from the 3.
Aww...*happy n jumping* haha...
im not living in those big town,and unfortunately 
GoodChen doesn't have any branch in my living town.
So,i had asked a very sweet friend of mine from facebook to help me buy them.
The bags looks super sweet and cute,isn't it?
The moon cakes will be in my parents,parents-in-law and 
my daughters' stomach.Hehe...
i just want the bags. So,the bags can be used as lunch bag,
because inside it has the silver thing(i don't know what that called)
which can keep the food heat.

im not feeling well today,actually..=(
i also don't know the reason.
i don't feel to eat,i feel very tired.
i feel like wanna sleep the whole day.
Maybe stress? Last last year,i had stress over me.
And i had this feeling.Mr Hubby brought me to the doctor and
he said stress made me don't have the appetite to eat.
i hope stress will faster gone! 
i don't like this kind of feeling.
Who knows how to make the stress get lost?
What am i to do to make me forget about the stress?

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