Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blissfully im(ミ・。・ミ)

What so blissful? Hmm..actually it depends on how you think & mark the level of blissful.
For me,i get to buy things i want,lead a freedom lifestyle without the controlling of old-minded parents-in-law, & get to do what i enjoy doing with the support of Mr Hubby!
More to said...hehe..

Yes,im such a kid,that's what Mr Hubby always tell me. i bought cute stuff that maybe a 10 year old now won't have interest in buying. Oops...! Last post,about Tamagotchi P's. 

i had ordered from CD Japan another decor pierce.
Ribbon change decor pierce. 
All together now,i have 4 decor pierce.
i always wonder how happy and excited to get an owner like me?! Haha...weird me,they are lifeless,how can they think? 

The other 2 decor pierce is the baby change decor pierce & dream coffret decor pierce. Had been doing some survey with a friend about this Tamagotchi  P's various decor pierces and finally decided to buy these 3...♥♡ due to the cuteness of the character.
After plugging in the ribbon pierce. Frankly speaking,this the pierce i heart most because of the big ribbon style,just like my Tamagotchi is wearing a big bow clip.
i also hang the My Melody heart plushie charm to my Tamagotchi. So kawaii-des right? Hehehe♪♬♩

Last last last week when i was in Kuantan,dropped by Sasa and saw this,Paper Doll Mate multi-purpose pouch. Bought it without thinking! Impulse buying again...>…<
And now,the pouch lying in 1 of my bed-side little table's drawer. i have no idea yet what to keep in it,i didn't have make-up cosmetic,already have cute Hello Kitty travelling pouch to keep my daily skin-care if i ever go travelling again.
Will just put it there first till i think of what to keep in it..haha!!! (im always buying things that i don't really need,actually)

First round to Guardian Malaysia,only spotted these 2, Hello Kitty 3D shampoo dispenser and a normal shape shower gel,in strawberry and peach flavour respectively.

Happy to went Guardian for the 2nd round yesterday night & found all these!!
Mr Hubby went with me,and also all my daughters.
Bought quite a lot of stuff, but most importantly sharing pics of Hello Kitty loots.  The big head Hello Kitty is coin bank with candies, 4 different designs of Hello Kitty mega toy egg with candies too.
And Hello Kitty molded biscuits in 2 very cute metal tin boxes. i like the metal box actually. Not a biscuit lover,fyi. But when i unpacked it,it has a very nice smell...something like perfume! ♥
Have a try. Tell you what? It tastes super yummy.
The first type of biscuit i ever eat! Haha...

Today's post also gonna be super long,due to i had limited time to share here in my blog & i had just a lot of stuff to tell here...
Had always wanted a big screen smartphone.
And also it must in PINK colour. Mr Hubby knows me well. He had asked me whether to get this or my always favourite ♡diamond♡ ring(that's every girl's favourite) as our wedding anniversary present which is on the 31st December(super early to receive the present), i think it is time for me to get another new smartphone. im still using my iPhone 4,can't let myself to abandon such a good smartphone (the only weakness i think is very small screen) So now,i have a Note 2 in the limited edition pink colour ♥ and also my beloved iPhone 4.

Don't ever think Mr Hubby doing something wrong that conclude him to give so many nice presents for me.. He is still my Mr Best Hubby! 
My first C, C stand for Coach ♥
Birthday Present from Mr Hubby. Always in need of some pink colour. i super like this new Coach handbag,which is authentic,of course. Mr Hubby & i went to buy it together at Coach outlet. 

So,i had gotten both my birthday & anniversary presents. Feeling like mission completes..haha..How about the present for Mr Hubby? i wanted to buy a Coach wallet for him,but he insist i shouldn't. 
He said im unemployed(i have online business,that doesn't count??),therefore better keep the monthly allowance i got from him to buy my own stuff. Okay,im happy to hear that because i can spend more investing Hello Kitty stuff,hahaha!

Ya,every year,im always the one who receives presents from him,but never give present..oops!!

Bought from my supplier.
Yes,im doing pre-order for the Note 2 cover and the Hello Kitty leopard stationery holder.
The above pic is i ordered for myself.

My Note 2's look.
So pinky & sweet right?
The big bow plugy which i bought last time for my iPhone super matching with my Note 2 because of the big screen size...hehehe..

Quite a lot of my Instagram friends asking me where i bought the rubber bow home button sticker from. Is it really that cute? Super cute? i bought it from a kiosk in the mall near my house. The kiosk selling some mobile phones' accessories(not so many) and i happened to ssee this bow with a strawberry and My Melody,3 in a set for RM8. So cheap! The end,back with me! Haha...xD 

Hello Kitty Nerd candy tin box from 7-11 Singapore.
Asked the help of Jane(instagram username:  jane_lsj) to help me buy this and will bank in the money for her. But she is so nice to give me as a lil gift as souvenir from Singapore.  She resist receiving my money..@.@

So,how blessed m i to have so many nice,kind,sweet(not forgetting a few bad ones back-talking,splitting rude words in my chatbox here) person surrounding me,guiding me like an angel,maybe? Hehehe...Anyway,i thank God to provide such a blissful life for me,let all the good nice ones surrounding me. Amen!

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Coucou, je suis Française, et comme toi je suis une grande enfant ^^. Lorsque j'étais petite moi aussi je voulais un tamagotchi, mais ma maman n'avait pas assez d'argent donc j'en ai jamais eu :(. Maintenant je suis grande (26 ans) et je me suis acheté 2 tamagotchi friends qui viennent de sortir en france. J'ai adoré !!! Mais dommage que nous n'avont pas d'écran couleurs. Du coup, j'ai commandé au japon le tamagotchi P's avec plusieurs pièces de rechange. Je pense que c'est le meilleur des tamagotchi ! Je le reçois dans 2 semaines, j'ai super hâte. Si tu veux mon blog sera :

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