Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tamagotchi P's(ミ・。・ミ)

One of the favourite toy when i was a kid.
Tamagotchi. i always wish to have one original Tamagotchi since i was....,like....6 years old??
But my parents won't buy me one because at that time,quite expensive and they said it is a waste of money because something only caught my attention 
for like,3 weeks? After that,it will be kept in storeroom or in some boxes under my bed.
And now,Mr Hubby bought it for me.
It is Tamagotchi P's pink version which you can get it from the TOYRUS outlets. Or bought it online from here.

Bought this really satisfied me and i was like feeling so so so blissful. Maybe is because it is something that i super like since i was a kid. Just like had fulfilled my inner-self..OMG! What im typing here...i don't understand either...haha..

A friend told me that this Tamagotchi version had also released some deco pierces which you can plug in and connect to the Tamagotchi. The heart shape in front the Tamagotchi actually can pull out and you can plug in the deco pierce into it. It is like upgrading it,adding some new character to your tamagotchi,some mini games and some foods & items. 

There is this Sanrio deco pierce which certain of the character you raise can change to some Sanrio characters. Of course im also going to order this. Even it need to be ordered from Japan. Yes,TOYRUS not selling the deco pierce. i ordered it from global rakuten, from this shop,click here.

So,the Sanrio deco pierce comes together with 2 sheets that contains all the information in Japanese.
Oh ya,the Tamagotchi also all written in Japanese.
Don't worry or afraid to play it when you heard about this. i also can't read Japanese but there is a lot of helpful website that translate and teach you how to play it. 

Like you can refer to a facebook page called: 
Thai Tamagotchi P's Guide,click here
or Tamagotchi forum,click here
or also refer this.

You can use google chrome to view these sites which it will ask you whether to tranlate to English.
i believe what i can learn and understood from these sites,you also can!

So,after i plug in the deco pierce and learn from Thai Tamagotchi P's Guide page about the ways to connect the deco pierce,and my Tama character already an adult and is Kirakitchi.
If you read those sites i just mentioned,you will know that only Kirakitchi will upgrade to My Melody. If want HelloKitty, you need a male Tama and it is Mametchi. Not very like male character and i think Kirakitchi is cuter. 

im so addicted in playing this and now wanna try raise another Tama character that is Jurietchi in order to get Twin Star,the girl one of course.

Addicted till i had ordered another 3 deco
pierces,that is the ribbon change,baby change and dream coffret. OMG! This month credit card statement need to hide it from Mr Hubby. Help me!Hahaha!!  
Will share again about the deco pierces when they reach me..And also the link so you can also purchase them. Good Night!  

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Caymun Esther said...

Hi may I know which Toy R us in Malaysia selling Tamagotchi P? Thanks!

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

Hi,Caymun. I'm not sure which Toyrus outlets as it is my friend told me that can buy it from Toyrus. I bought it online from Japan Rakuten.

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