Saturday, September 28, 2013

Jecci Five dolly(ミ・。・ミ)

Ok,so...what is Jecci Five? This brand not as famous as Blythe. Blythe, you all surely know this type of doll. i had started like Blythe doll since i was still in secondary school. But,only like..can't afford to purchase one. Without working,don't even think of asking parents to buy it for me. Over few hundred Ringgit Malaysia,one of this doll costs,my parents surely won't buy for me. Till i got married,my passion towards Hello Kitty stronger than Blythe,almost forgot(not yet forgot)about this doll, then think of buying one for myself. 

Coincidently,my brother-in-law(Mr Hubby's younger brother) went to China for his business trip. i sent him some of the Blythe model pics,hopefully he can spotted at least one & helped me buy it. Unluckily.he couldn't find Blythe brand,but the same kind of doll,different brand,that is Jecci Five brand. He wechatted me and sent me the pic of the doll whether i wanna buy it. i declined but when he came back,he gifted me the doll.
im happy,of course,who doesn't love free gift?? So,here is she...:
 i had named her Annabelle. Mr Hubby had gave her a Chinese name as well, 乐仪. Without surname? My friend asked me what is her surname. No,she doesn't have surname & can't put ours because not us who gave birth to her,right? And her birthday will be every year the 20th of September. 
Annabelle means joy,& in Latin this name means beautiful,loving & graceful. She tends to be creative & excellent at expressing herself.

i feel contented blessed & happy to have such a good Mr Hubby! He never complain me still like a kid to play dolls,collecting Hello Kitty stuff,but he still helped me in naming the doll Chinese name ,he gave me lots of suggestions on how to dress her,not to mention financial support. Awe,what i still lack of? NOTHING!! Thanks,God!

New dress for Annabelle.
This super nice puff sleeve dress is handmade by Serene Cheong. You may add her Facebook account by searching Serene Cheong. She is a Blythe doll fanatic. 
Her shop link,please click here.
Highly recommended her handmade clothing for Blythe. Very very neatly sewn and the cloth is of Japan good quality cotton cloth.  Some pics of Annabelle wearing the new dress..♥

She is wearing a bling Silver 92.5%
strawberry pendant which i owned long time ago.
This dress came with a matching hair clip too..xD 
Annabelle won't be boring as i had just ordered a Blythe doll. Yes,it is like finally.i can own 1 Blythe dolly...phew!!

Annabelle says:
Till here,goodbye & nite nite.
Gonna finish read my Hello Kitty magazine.


εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

So cute annabel dear..

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Mummyhaza,thanks for reading! And also thanks for the compliment..♥

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