Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello Kitty X Monster Hunter Airou(ミ・。・ミ)

They are so cute,right! 
Didn't think of collecting this Monster Hunter X Hello Kitty figurines
at first. As you know,i need to find gift for my online friend, Meijoyce 
And this is quite a tough task because she has a lot a lot A LOT of Hello Kitty figurines.

And i think of these! So,imsg her and asked her whether has this set or not.
Yeah...she doesn't have. So,ordered 2 sets, 1 for her and incidentally 1 for me.

i personally super 'heart' this one.
Hello Kitty & Monster Hunter riding on piggy.
The pig is cuter than Hello Kitty itself haha!!

 i had captured both same Monster Hunter closing its eyes in these 2 pics.
i didn't even notice when i took photo of it and editing it with photo app.
Till i uploaded to my Dayre that day only knew about it.
Funny huh?!

It is time to buy new sheep placenta supplement because mine almost finish.
So,this time i had chose to buy the new one from CellLabs.
Purple colour packaging.
This CellLabs sheep placenta with grape seed oil plus provides
sheep placenta plus 3 other potent antioxidants, 
Grape Seed Oil + Astaxanthin 3.5% + Lycopene 6% in a single daily supplement 
that works synergistically to slow down the signs of aging from within.

So,this has the 3 potent antioxidants compare to the normal CellLabs 
sheep placenta blue packaging. Price is same if you buy it at Guardian.
This pack costs RM199 with free 1 small bottle which consists of 10 capsules.
The big bottle is 30 capsules. Each day a capsules so this can lasts for 40 days :)

If you buy big packs,more worth but need RM400++ like that..
Need save money first..hehehe!!

Remember that day Mr Hubby bought Asus Memo Pad for me..
i need a cute damn protective cover for it. But...
because it isn't as popular as Samsung Tab or Apple Ipad,
there isn't variety of covers for me to choose from.
i just managed to get this big eyes cute girl cover for it.
No hello kitty design,anyway...better than those normal plain colour cover.
Still can accept as it is in PINK and CUTE!

Take this Hello Kitty 3D liquid dispenser for my next travelling
since it is not sold out yet. There is still 1 more extra stock with me.
Whoever interested,can LINE/wechat mrskittyyi to buy it =)
Can fill it with body shampoo..hehe..

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