Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello Kitty Fifa World Cup(ミ・。・ミ)

Everyone is paying attention to the 2014 World Cup
which is held in Brazil. I'm not a football fan,so the only information i know 
is the FIFA World Cup took place in Brazil..haha!!

But,even though I'm not a football fan,but how can I miss out these super cute
McDonald's X Hello Kitty "K-League" FIFA World Cup Soccer Plush Toys
from Hong Kong McDonald's...
I'm certified a crazy fan of McDonald's X Hello Kitty plush toys!!!

Total of 7 plush toys.Hello Kitty is dressed up as RefereeGoalkeeperStriker,
Midnight SupportersMedic & Crazy Fans.
There is a mini notepad included. i think it is actually the McDonald's food vouchers,
which the vouchers had been taken away by the sellers.
It is fine for me because the vouchers can't be used at McD Malaysia.
At least,the cute notepad is mine!

Let's have a closer and detailed view of them.
The Goalkeeper.

The Referee.



and The Crazy Fans.

 This set released started on 5th June.
The limited edition collector set consists of 5 plush toys plus the highly limited
and exclusive Hello Kitty which is in a football shape,known as "World Wave".
"World Wave"

There will be a special limited Hello Kitty "K-League" Midnight Supporters edition
which is only available when you order food from Hong Kong McDonald's delivery.

So,i have the full complete set *peace*

Another happy *excited* news is my doll,Cindy had came back.
Earlier this month,I had sent my doll to the same Blythe customizer,Avalie
to re-makeup. Because I don't like shiny powder actually...
It makes my doll still looks like a 'plastic doll'.
So,this time request not to have shiny powder,add a bit more freckles so the freckes
will be obvious. And also add eyebrow.
Oops!! Forgot to mention,also a hair cut.
Had always love those dolly with short hair like this.
And I think I won't regret deciding to cut it short.
I super satisfied with her new make-up and hair style.
She looks so rock! In a cute way..haha!!

Our we-fie~

I didn't send Annabelle for another make over because
I like Annabelle sad face :)
Unlike Cindy,she is without freckles and has a super fair skin.
Only she has a sad face. I decide to have a sad face and a happy face doll.
If I will have the chance to have a new Blythe doll,I surely will send to Avalie
for the face customization. I like her work! And I dislike Blythe stock face lol...

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