Monday, August 11, 2014


So,last month,during Malay Raya,had been to 
I-City Shah Alam with my family. My parents,my brother & his gf,
Mr Hubby & also my 3 daughters.
Ah...not to forget,my dolls too! Hehe...

For me,the holiday destination is not the most important 
but the time spent with family are what matters. 
I always looking forward to every vacation trip with my family.

This time is just a short trip,2 days 1 night.
I think already enough because we wanna go to the waterpark there
and the wax museum,while at night can enjoy the night scene there.

Our hands lol...We went into the waterpark once we reached there.
The lil one no need ticket because her height below 90cm hehehe...

At waterpark...
"Be careful,don't step on me! OMG!! You giant human!!"

While in the waterpark.

She is in bikini too :)
 After a few hours in the waterpark,
we checked-in at this I-City Hotel.
During the time waiting to check-in,i put her on the counter 
and took a photo hehehe!!

"Giant elephants!!! Run! Run for your life!!"
But this failed because of my lovely dad in the pic too!! LOL

Can you spot Cindy? She is too small,I think.

The second day,we visited Red Carpet,the interactive wax museum.

So,i was using my brother's monopod to selfie with the wax people.
Who is funnier than my dad & Mr Hubby who surreptitiously 
took photos of me trying to use the monopod to selfie myself and the 'wax people'.
Combined some of the photo into 1.
There is a lot photos,but all posted in my Facebook hehe...
Can't post all to here as over hundreds...>.<

Had also made a collage of my dad's photos.
Next month is his birthday,so think to post this to Facebook
to greet him :)
Don't you think he is humorous?? The trip will be funny with him around.

Cindy is having so many experience during this trip haha!! 
War?? I think she is afraid of the big big gun.

The caption says it all... 
My most sporting and easy going Mr Hubby~ 
This is the very first photo of him with Cindy.

Oh..ya..last month Happy Meal
McDonald's Malaysia started releasing 
Hello Kitty baking set.
Just completed the 4 pcs of them last week.

At first, I thought they are toys, but no!!
They can be used as baking tools.
The quality is good.
If I'm not wrong,Japan McDonald's released this set earlier 
last year. Even though,Malaysia is slower but I'm happy 
because McDonald's here released too.

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