Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Gift(ミ・。・ミ)

A little bit time before heading out for Saturday dinner,
update here :)
Happy gift that i received from friends. 
FRIENDS whom I had never met before,
I knew them online from Facebook or Instagram.
And they are all super sweet & kind.
Am I blessed? Hehe...

I had been searching for this cute Hello Kitty perfume cover for my 
'old' iphone 4. And Niji (
had ordered for me :) The cover has perfume smell too...Therefore,
my hands always has this perfume smell now LOL..
Btw,she is selling Tamagotchi. So,if you interested to get one for yourself,
you can add her Facebook (press the link just next to her name). 

And then,yesterday i received a box of snacks from a dear friend.
Surprise as she sent to me without informing me first.
All these snacks are imported from Japan and Korea.
If you interested to buy these,can buy from 
All ready stocks,no need wait =) 
I had just tried the nutella with my daughters just now & it tastes purr-fect!

Had bought le silicone Hello Kitty heart shape turner.
Purposely ordered it because if use the stainless steel turner that I had,
the wok got scratched. 
These are my cooking companion LOL...
I used all of them :) Not displaying them.
As if really 1 day,any 1 of them is spoil, can order new one hehe!!

Mr Hubby pampered me with a new Hello Kitty sling bag.
Bought it from Animation World outlet in East Coast Mall,Kuantan.
Now,I'm starting to like something simple yet nice!

Some latest photos of us~
OOTD for last weekend.
Me and my elder daughter,Daychelle who is now 10 years old.

My youngest daughter,Justina.
She requested me to take a photo of her doing that
so-called 'ghost' face. Then she said "Ugly" and asked me
to delete the photo. Of course,I won't delete it hehe :P
Asked me to delete and re-take another one with her posing
like the left side. This little wicked girl! 

Oh ya...where if my 2nd daughter,Jaychelle's photo?
She has her dad's habit. Doesn't like photo taking.
Whenever asking her for a photo,she will mood!
She doesn't like,but this girl super likes be my model haha!!
"I don't need a reason to be cute!"
That's her saying LOL..
 Ordered this froma Hong Kong etsy seller,Simon Yuen
Comes with a bow clip and a ducky bag!
The ducky bag attracts me most!!

Had been to Guardian again because got a few friends posted 
pics about this new Hello Kitty candy containers from Guardian Malaysia.
3 designs,new released. The squared one has a little Hello Kitty figurine 
included inside. And it has different figurines. Tempted to buy moreeee...!
I got a cute pink kitty ballerina(I like it too!) and heard 1 of my FB friend 
got red Christmas kitty(Not my taste >.<) 

Is 6.48pm and gonna prepare to go out dinner with my parents-in-law :)
Have a nice weekend,lovely readers ❤️

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