Monday, September 1, 2014


Today's post is all about me hehe!!
My every night 'look' at home LOL..
Now you see my messy hair & naked face.
Without photo editing,without putting on make-up(I'm always without make-up on)
and with my nerd spectacles.
Still got a bit acne mark on my face but it had improved a lot.
Last time,many pimples pop out,that's why you seldom see my selfie
that time. I just can't bear to see my own faces with lots of pimples and acne mark.
Thanks to my best friend,SK-II. :)

Also without make-up on.
But with tidy hair LOL...haha!!
The reason why I'm always without make-up on is....
Funny reason right?!! Yes,that's true. I don't know how to put on 
make-up. Besides,often putting on make-up makes your skin condition
WORSE. Therefore,I prefer natural beauty hehe!!
Mr Hubby suggested me to grow my fringe this time.
Don't cut it again. Okay,I will have a try again.
For the time being,it is quite annoying when the fringe kept on
hitting my eyes. So,will just pin it.

O.M.Good!! Bought 5 pairs in just a month time!
No need buy shoes for the rest of this year? Hehe...

Updates of the Hello Kitty I purchased.
Hello Kitty magic book from Popular bookstore.
There is a lot of different designs you can choose at Popular.
Just got this only because of the figurine. 
It is Hello Kitty magician.

And then,Guardian Malaysia got this Hello Kitty travel bottle
and pill kit set of the 40th Anniversary design.
For the moment,already completed collecting Guardian Hello Kitty stuff until that day
I pass by Guardian and my younger daughter wants sweets. So,went inside
and walked out with a bag of Hello Kitty goodies lol..
All are 40th Anniversary design. How can I resist this cutie!!
And I'm quite lucky that some of the Guardian haven't had these yet.
I didn't expect my small town Guardian so fast in getting the new stocks hehe xD
I think it is just a matter of time to reach some places Guardian.
I'm going to blog about this soon in details of each of the thing.

Lastly updates of my 3 awesome daughters.

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