Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collections from Guardian(ミ・。・ミ)

As promised...Here's the post about the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary
Collections bought from Guardian Malaysia.

 The first item that i grabbed:
Hello Kitty Bath Care Set that came with a 
cute Hello Kitty face shape pouch.

It consists of a 50ml body lotion,a 50ml body wash &
a 50ml body scrub. Haven't use them but I opened and have a smell.
The smell,for me lah...I think kind of like medicine LOL..

2nd item:
Hello Kitty Bath Care Set too 
but it is with a rectangular shape pouch.
This pouch also nice as it is full of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary logo
printed all over the pouch.
Inside the pouch consists of 100ml body wash,100ml body lotion
and a Hello Kitty Bath Lily. Bigger size of the same body wash & body lotion.
We can't open the pouch to see what is inside and the tag didn't mention there is a
Bath Lily included. If it mentioned,then I won't have bought a Bath Lily..

Therefore,now I have 2 Bath Lily which I don't use.
Keep it as collection,hehe...

Hello Kitty Bath Care Set with body wash 200ml + a mitten.
 The box packaging is so nice!! Can give for friend/relative/family as a gift.
When I bought them that day,the Guardian worker asked me is it I bought
as gift. Oh,I replied,"No. I bought for myself. I collect Hello Kitty stuff. Hehehe.."
She must be curious why I grabbed all. =)

Hello Kitty Body Care Set
with 50ml body wash,50ml body lotion & 60ml body mist.

I was attracted by the body mist bottle actually, resulted me
buying this set. If it is without that cute body mist bottle,I won't have bought it
because the item also same,body wash & body lotion...People will have think 
my house run out of body wash & body lotion?? LOL...xD

Manicure Set

I so in love with the 40th Anniversary details printed all over this manicure set
which has: (from left) 
Wood Stick x 2, Nail File, Tweezers, Plastic Cuticle, 
Nail Clipper and Nail Scissors.
Not a mani pedi enthusiastic but this is a MUST-HAVE because
I'm a Hello Kitty junkie. :)

I also bought this candy container as I missed out this last time.

By the way,for those of you who haven't had the chance buying this from your 
local Guardian store, you can actually buy it online from Guardian online store:

You just need to pay for the postage but then,you no need wait,like...for ages
for the Hello Kitty stuff to reach your local Guardian :)

Happy Purchase ❤️

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