Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Hello Kitty ❤️(ミ・。・ミ)

2 post in a day..hehe!! Happy Reading :)
This is because previous post is all about the 
Guardian X Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collections.
Don't want to share this together with that post,if not,
I'm afraid some will misunderstood that this was bought from Guardian too :P

This is from 7-11 Taiwan year 2013,maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong hehe.
Hello Kitty chocolate party figurines Part 1 
is full of sweetness & cuteness ❤️❤️❤️
There is Part 2,but still no luck finding the part 2 :(

No luck in finding Hello Kitty monopod too :((
Actually found some Philippines seller selling Hello Kitty monopod,
but the price a bit pricey,I think. RM70++ and friend told me
that Philippines seller,not all can be trusted. So.....
I DIY myself a Hello Kitty monopod! And it is a SUCCESS!!
I ordered a wooden Hello Kitty hanger and removed the 2 steel hanger and also
the hanging part. Then,use double-sided tape to stick it to the monopod.
Use my most favourite Hello Kitty charm and hang it at the monopod stick.
And my Hello Kitty monopod is of Hello Kitty and pink bow!! How sweet!! ❤️
No need spend RM70++ hehehe...and it is 1 of a kind :)

If you do read my Dayre,then you know my master bedroom's bathroom 
and my daughters' bathroom is under renovation last week. Water leaking problem.
My toilet just finished renovated. Changed the floor mosaic tiles to a darker colour.
And got a new Hello Kitty rack for my bathroom.
Ads time: I got do pre-order for this cute triangular Hello Kitty storage rack.
You can LIKE my FB page: Mrskittyyi Lil Shop:
for further information.

What other Hello Kitty stuff which I had got for myself:
Hello Kitty Mini Fishing Toy.
This reminds me of my childhood. 1 of my favourite childhood toy.
I believe your favourite too :)
I had posted a short video my daughter playing this toy in my Instagram ( mrskittyyi )
& my Facebook ( Mrskitty Yi ).
Add me as friend in FB or follow my Instagram to have a look.

Hello Kitty Red Hangers Set
Not intended to get this for myself but 
because 2 of the hanger arrived without bow, 
I can't sell them, so they are mine LOL.
Ads time again!! Yes,I'm selling this too. Got ready stock
but sold out fast and left the last set which is the above pic one.
But,can pre-order. :)

Lastly, photo of the naughty lil one.
A suitable phrase:
 "An apple a day,keeps the doctor away."

Happy Weekend! ❤️

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