Monday, October 20, 2014

My Birthday 2014❤️(ミ・。・ミ)

Last year birthday celebration was a simple one
held in Secret Recipe. Only celebrate with Mr Hubby and the little one
as both her sisters went to tuition classes.
This year birthday celebration with my 
beloved family at French-themed resort 
settled at 2700 feet above sea level.

Yeah,Mr Hubby brought us to Colmar Tropicale French Village
& Japanese Village. We stayed there for a night.
Such lovely memory ❤️

Some of the photos from this short vacation.
Uploaded all in my Facebook. You can view it there if you are my
Facebook friends. Add me if you haven't.
Selfie first in the hotel room hehe..

She enjoyed herself too :)

Have no idea why I look so 'long' in this photo.

Missing me? I'm the photographer LOL...

Selfie in the bathroom too because I so like the bathroom tiles.

At night,having our dinner at 1 of the restaurants there.
(Sorry,I forgot about the name as almost all restaurants' name are same
except for the first word,La.... or Le..... xP

Brought the birthday cake from Secret Recipe hehe!!

So,a Facebook friend noticed that my youngest daughter is more interested 
at the cake..xP 

Selfie of me and Miss Lucy.
Is there something at the left side that caught her attention?

Went to Japanese Village the next day after we checked out.
I rented a kimono as I like kimono so much!!
The kimono rental is RM20/pax and only for a while,like...maybe 15 minutes??
Not even an hour haha!! 1 of my Wechat friends thought for an hour.
I wore before a kimono,yeah...when photo-shoot for wedding album.

Family photo...
And after Japanese Village sight-seeing,we went back home.

Forgot to mention my birthday present from Mr Hubby this year 
is....................a CAMERA!!
At first,I want to buy Nikon J1 pink edition.
But,after consideration of some friends' opinion,
at last I changed to this: Casio ZR1500.
Can selfie too whereas if the Nikon J1,can't lor,
as cannot rotate the screen 180 degree.
Besides, Nikon J1 is not the latest model already as already out till J4??!
So,my opinion lah...the price a bit high for an old model haha!!

Finish this post with some updates of my recently
[ Tight on budget :( ] Anyway,I had ordered a Kikki K planner 
for myself. A birthday treat for myself :)

Floral madness

This not purchases lol.. Just sharing my 
Hong Leong Bank Hello Kitty debit cards collection.
I have all the 6 designs released. *proud*
The latest is the top right side(Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary)
Among these,only 3 can use. 
1 is mine,1 is Mr Hubby's and another one is my daughter's.

My friend,Angel had went to China. Work trip.
And she is so nice to have buy this Hershey's X Hello Kitty as souvenir
for me! Sent together with a 'love letter' to me ❤️❤️❤️

I'm so blessed to have so many amazing friends around me.
Some I never even met before. But,they are super sweet and nice to me.


Cinnella Tjoa said...

I like your shoes, Dear..������

♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@Cinnella, Thanks for visiting and reading my site :) Yeah,the floral shoes is special hehe...

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