Thursday, May 21, 2015

First payday(ミ・。・ミ)

Mr Hubby bought a new 6+ for me ❤️
He said not to buy iPhone 6 so I won't keep recalled back the sad incident. Anyway, 6+ is just so so great! Bigger screen!!! But bad news, no JAILBREAK!!! The very first time using a non-jailbreak iPhone and I'm gonna tell you, super bored ok!! I hope jailbreak for IOS 8.3 will soon release. 

New phone, surely new covers too. 
I managed to find a fully in pink monopod. So happy ❤️❤️ 

Another favorite iPhone 6+ cover. 
And Baymax keychain to hold my house keys. Still got a few covers which I haven't take pic of them. Since I joined the working world, getting busy with works hehehe...

I treat myself a Carlo Rino handbag when I get my first salary :)
So happy ❤️ 
I bought new clothes for Mr Hubby & daughters too. I should pamper them too. 

Celebrated Mother's Day with my mother-in-law early this year and got the chance to celebrate with my mom on the exact day. 
Here's a collage photo of me, my mom & my daughters ❤️

Not much Hello Kitty stuff added recently.
Only an iPhone cover and also this:
Unexpectedly found it during grocery shopping in a local supermarket in my town. Hello Kitty Candy baskets in 3 different colours. Comes with a candy in lollipop shape which the handle is a Hello Kitty head shape. Cute to the max!! And also a mini sheet of shining sticker.

I'm happy too since yesterday because just booked hotel for our next holiday destination with my family. Our next holiday destination is Melaka :) 
Just a short 3D 2N getaway with my family, as usual bonding time.  

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