Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bad day(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Saturday was my bad luck day ever!!! Most bad luck day!!!
My iphone 6 pickpocked by thief. 
We went to IOI City Mall for the very first time,
normally I went Pavilion,Sungei Wang,
Times Square or Sunway Pyramid for my shopping trip. 
I went to Mid Valley,1U too but never ever encounter such incident.
It happened like this! After lunch at Fish Head Noodle, we went into a figurine shop.

It was a bit crowded,and Mr Hubby did realised 1 Malay lady 
and Malay guy near me. But,he didn't suspect anything.
I think she pickpocketed when she purposely bumped into me.
I realised my iphone was gone when my elder daughter asked me 
to share hotspot with her. Luckily my wallet still in my handbag :(

Such bad luck. The iphone was used for 6 months only...
Anyway,I already went to the Apple store and enable lost mode.
Just hope the thief will contact me. I want back my iphone.
I know the chance for the thief to contact me is low,because 
she also afraid I will call police if she really contact me to get the reward.
I left message and my number so I really hope kind people
who find my iphone will contact me.

Now I'm using my daughter's iphone 4.
Just sign in to my wechat, but not LINE.
As she is using China country for the Appstore,
and I can't find LINE app >.<
Don't wanna mess her phone,so I just sign in to Facebook & wechat.

Haiz...really no mood :(

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