Sunday, May 24, 2015


My love had moved from Kikki K to LoveDoki when I saw this gold planner for the very first time.
I bought A6 size which is same like my Kikki K time planner. No regret choosing gold instead of pink. Not that I don't like pink anymore, I'm still a certified pinkaholic..but recently, I'm so in love with everything GOLD. I think this will stay for a whileeeeee only.
Bought the mint colour pouch from LoveDoki too. Use to keep my cute pens and sticky notes. Mint also my favourite colour now 😁😁 

Some of the cute sticky notes that I had chosen to put in my planner. I moved all the inserts from my Kikki K to this planner. Only the dividers not. I'm using the gold dividers from LoveDoki too. 
Modify a bit of the dividers. Below the gold polkadots divider,I had add an apron and that's where I write down all my cooking recipe ☺️ 

I like motivational quotes. So the Kikki K dividers with quote,I kept it and use it now in this new planner. 

Close-up of the mint LoveDoki pouch.
Can't keep many pens. I had a few which I can't put them in this pouch, so I need to choose those I use the most and put in it. Also can keep a few set of sticky notes only. 

I'm bored so I made a wallpaper for my iPhone 6+ ❤️ When will the jailbreak for IOS8.3 release? I can't stand my dull non-jailbreak iPhone. 
Anyway,the pink tempered glass screen protector front and back that I ordered from Aliexpress had arrived safely. Sticked it myself and finally, my iPhone is PINK!! 💕
Super match with the Hello Kitty TPU cover right! Miss my iPhone 6. How is it now? What the thief did to it? 😭 Curse the thief 9 9.Why will they wanna be thief? Can't they just work and earn money for a living, and not by stealing others' valuable thing? 

Don't want to think about the sad thing again 😔😔 I need to cheer up.
Like this ok mah? Hehehe...
OL clothes. Took this photo last weekday (forgot which day), after work. Just realized my OL clothes mostly in black & white colour 😂😅 I think next time need to buy other colours. 
Photo taken yesterday. This is the just-wake-up-from-nap face 😁😁 
Eyes look a bit swollen cos just wake up😅😅 
I look slim in this photo but I think I had gain some weight recently..I ate a lot especially during working time. My colleagues treat me biscuits, ice-cream & snacks 😓 I need to do some exercise soon, if not I will become a fat lady! 😨

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