Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe

Recently I'm busy with Korean dramas! Haha...
I don't watch Korean drama because I personally think a bit boring
watching. But Descendants of the Sun is a nice drama after all.
I like the story so much!! 

And then,the 2nd Korean drama I just finished watched is "She Was Pretty".
My colleague suggested me to watch this. Nice also :)

So...last week,I had went to Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe at Sunway Pyramid
to attend Hello kitty fans gathering.
It is a gathering organized by my online kitty friend, Angel.
As usual,photos taken had been uploaded to my FB. 

Coincidently we met with Hello Kitty fans from Singapore.
3 of them from Singapore,2 of them whom are my FB friends.
It had been an enjoyable moment with people who shares the same
interest as me.Glad to meet all of you!


Another motive I was looking so forward to going Sunway Pyramid 
was to get this baby. Hello Kitty Nakama Pendant from Tomei Gold & Jewellery.
Word hard,spend hard 😂😂

Wanna get the Hello Kitty Nakama ring so much but need 'financial planning' first.
I hope when I want to grab the ring,It is still available>.<

And surely,these Hello Kitty plushies from the cafe must not miss out.

 They are both so cute,especially the eyelash!

I like the chef one more. Arghh...Can't stand its cuteness.

Nice lil gift🎁😻 
Thanks Angel Lam for the Hello Kitty tissue pouch &
Eva Teh for the Hello Kitty X Charmmy Kitty file 😘😘 
Small gift big smile 😄
 Hello Kitty X Charmmy Kitty file.
Front side.
Back side.

Hello Kitty tissue pouch all the way from Japan.

My 'look' for that day haha!!

I wasn't going to KL alone. Mr Hubby fetching me.
Our daughters went along too. But during the gathering,Mr Hubby 
taking care of them.

Blessed to have him as my husband 💗 Fetched me to attend Hello Kitty friends gathering. While I was enjoying myself at the Hello Kitty cafe, he brought the daughters shopping and playing at the mini amusement park. From the photos,I knew they enjoyed themselves 💗💗💗

My friends said he is so supporting :) I knew right. I will always cherish you.

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