Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Little Things

Wanna share with you all my-recently-new-little-things:
New Iphone case AGAIN!!!

This one MUST BUY!!!

This one too! The 3D Hello Kitty is so so cute right! How to resist
from buying...

Had been quite a long time I didn't read since I had Iphone.
There is these 2 authors' book that will always catch my attention.
I had all their books,never once miss any series.
I personally highly recommend their books.

During Labour Day holiday(1/5/16) I went to KL with my family.
Shopping for some new apparels. My main point haha...
H & M always my favourite store beside Padini.

My daughter got this Hello Kitty accessories set that came 
with a face shape transparent kind-of-bag. Just realised H & M sell this:)

My elder daughter Daychelle 12th birthday celebration 
at Marrybrown. We had promised to our daughters that we will
 organize a birthday party for them on their 12th birthday.
I still can't believe that she is 12. It s just like yesterday
she is a baby. Time really flies. 

And now let's see how much I had changed. Start from year 2014-2015-2016
From long hair to short curly hair..haha!!
I always get this great deals from photobook.
Free photobook,which I just need to pay for the postage(RM8)
This is my 3rd FOC photobook. How to get this?
The 1st 2 photobooks I got the deal from Groupon if I'm not wrong.
While this latest one,I received email from Bemalas and there is this great deal
showing in the email.I bought it straight away without thinking because 
it is FREE. And this time,I made my own photobook.

I had neglected my online store :( Too buys with my work.

So,I had this Hello Kitty cotton buds/toothpicks holder which you can 
put in your handbag to store whatever you want to store that you think is
essential for you when you go out. I had this for sell and it is ready stock.
Still left some,so I had decided to take one for myself.
Anyone interested in buying this can contact me.
You can find my contact info in BIO section at the left sidebar.

I told you all before right,or I haven't yet? 
That my sister now working in Singapore as a barista. 
So,I had asked her help to buy this Hello Kitty mini we tissue cover.
The packaging of the wet tissue is too cute to use it,
so I use the one from Guardian instead.
 Hope she can buy more kitties for me ah...:P

I wonder how big my handbag gonna be because 
I had way too many things to put in. Not yet count my planner.

I had in mind to buy a Saime bag for myself long long time ago
when I saw a lot of my FB friends having one of this brand.
Saime is a brand from Taiwan. And all the design of this brand is so
classy(I think) & strong office look(which I like).

谢谢老公...又宠坏我 😂😜
(My chinese improved a lot right!!)
Thanks Mr Hubby for spoiling me again & again.
Save my money,'cos Mr Hubby bought for me hehe...
The small pouch is the cutest! Exactly same like the handbag but in mini size.
This one I bought is Holly series sling bag. Of course I chose pink,
my FAVOURITE colour ever...

I'm famous lol...:P
I'm in news again?! In Tupperware catalogue this time.
Page 19
Can you spot me?Hehe...My friends say from my hair colour,
they knew that is me! LOL!!

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