Monday, May 30, 2016


Not feeling to watch Korean drama,and not in the mood to read my book so I decided to update here. I had bought this very cute backpack + hoodie.

At first, I wanna bought Hello Kitty but out of stock! 😭😭 
And I need to get it before June,so I bought My Melody instead. My Melody is fully in pink. The Hello Kitty one is in kind of like rose pink or is it red? 

I wanna use this for my trip to Bangkok this June. Bringing a backpack is useful than a handbag when you go traveling. Don't you agree? 🙂

The hoodie is detachable...
Used her as my model. 
This is an adult backpack ya. Not for children.😅😆

Finally I went to fix my messy toe nails. 
Can't stand when the nails grow. 
And that's my new funky wedges sandal.
Nice? Got it online. 

Went to Guardian to buy lotion but end up with all these back home.

New arrivals. 
Mostly wet wipes & tissue boxes set. 
My Hello Kitty X Guardian wet wipes & tissue boxes set collection is growing huge 😆 
Guardian Malaysia, please release some new products besides wet wipes & tissues ok? 😜

Just started last Sunday having healthy breakfast. And I had promised myself to make it a habit to have healthy breakfast.
I want to eat healthy,live healthy.

My little girl, likes to play this 2 apps: Snow & Egg.

Keep take my iPhone and play herself.
But also very entertaining. You all can try play when you are bored. 

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