Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BKK~1st day

KLIA 2 airport > DMK airport > Chocolate Ville
> Nasa Vegas Hotel

I'm back from my family trip(always family trip) to Bangkok.
It was a wonderful trip,after quite a long time I didn't have vacation.
Before the trip,I had do some research and survey online. We will be going free & easy,
and often,I'm the one who will be planning the trip.

As most of the people must-haves group photo in the airport,
this were ours in KLIA2.

While waiting for boarding...zzz...
Our flight was 5pm. Estimate reach at 6pm.
It was actually need 2 hours but due to time difference,
Thailand 1 hour slower than Malaysia,therefore we 'untung'(mean:gain) 1 hour.

Once reach there,after custom clearing,there will be a driver pick us up.
I had booked a van service earlier :) I think it is more convenient to
have a van service,with young children & old folks.
When you shopping from a place and then went to another,
if you have a van service,it will be easier. You can put all the shopping
goodies in the van and went to another shopping place without worry.

I bought Happy Tourist Sim which provides 7 days unlimited Internet connection.
We bought 3 of these sim card and we enable hotspot so all of us can use it.
The Internet connection strong and I didn't encounter any problem using it.
Got free calls & sms but I forgot how many minutes free calls because
I not really calling anyone haha!! Internet more important for me.

So,I highly recommend this van service because of its professionalism
and good service. Not only as a driver,but also as our tour guide.
If you go to BKK in a group,you can find them: Van Memberteam
and discuss about your trip.

*Do I look like a spokesperson in this photo?* hehe...

I was truly amazed by the van service. No regret!!
Their service is superb,not to mention their van is so luxurious.
The van interior is not like a van at all. All the seats had been changed to leather
seats and then there is a red wine and glasses for you to enjoy if you want..:)
Of course you will need to pay if you really drink it haha!!

Our first destination: Chocolate Ville Bangkok.
No need to introduce,this is quite a famous tourist spot in BKK.
It is a restaurant,western theme-park restaurant.
Every corner in it is just perfect for photo-shooting,whether at
daylight or night. We went there for dinner.

There was quite a lot of photos taken when we were there.
Nah..we were not any professional photographer,so please bear with us.
I chose my most favourite ones to post here. You can visit my FB to view all the photos.
If you haven't add me as FB friend,you are very welcome to send me friend request.
You can find my FB link in left sidebar,choose "BIO" and
it is written there where you can contact me :)

Before we went inside to have our dinner and take more photos...
This is the photos that get most liked from me haha!!

Always so sweet,hehehe <3 p="">

We spent like...2 hours there and then off we went to
hotel check-in. I booked Nasa Vegas Hotel and luckily just for a day.
Booked from Agoda and it is non-cancellation. The hotel appearance looks very grand,
but inside so-so only. Cleanliness acceptable. No wifi,you need to pay for wifi :(
The good point: buffet breakfast included. 

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