Saturday, July 9, 2016

BKK~2nd day (Part 1)

...Continue our story to Day 2,Part 1.
Need to split to few parts so that it won't be a long post.

We wake up as early as 5.30am(Thailand time) and prepared ourselves.
Buffet breakfast starts 6am. After breakfast, checked out from Nasa Vegas Hotel
and our handsome driver brought us to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

How the driver neatly put our luggages haha!

Quite a long journey(I lost count of the time) and there was accident
which resulted traffic jam. We even slept in the van during the journey to floating market :P


We were brought not into Damnoen Saduak Floating Market but
it was outside where there is boat service. I read before online that here costs
expensive for the boat ride. But, once only in a life time,I think it is ok.
They make a living from boat servicing.

We need to take 2 boats,1 boat can't bring all of us.
If we take big boat,not suitable because some parts in the floating market is quite narrow.
1 boat costs 2500Baht (after discount,actual:3000Baht) 
and the boat ride takes 1 1/2-2 hours.

I saw the banner inside the floating market written 400Baht for 1 hour boat ride.
It is cheaper but we not really got cheated because we took the boat ride here,
it brings us to see the process of making coconut sugar and also get to taste the coconut sugar
and coconut candy for free. 

The process of making coconut sugar.

How the Thais selling in a floating market. Some sells in a boat.
A lot of items can buy,from foods to souvenirs. And also rare items like this :P

Must try: Coconut ice-cream...

...and Mango Sticky Rice.
Thailand's most famous food.
I super like their mango sticky rice. Before this,I wonder how 
rice & mango can be eaten together? Feel yucks & 'geli'.
But,once I had tried it,I no longer "yucks" haha!!

And then,the boat trip include going to a temple there.
As we are Christians,so we just bought fish food and bread to feed 
fishes there. Stopped here for about 20 minutes like that.

Back to the boat service centre,the worker there approached us 
with this photo frame which you can buy..Surely I will buy to keep
as memories. The other one is Mr Hubby,our youngest daughter and my dad
which my dad had kept at his house.

It was lunch time then. We were brought to a nearby seafood restaurant
to have our lunch. Eating seafood in Thailand is cheaper than Malaysia.

After lunch,continue our road trip to HuaHin.

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