Saturday, September 10, 2016

McD X Hello Kitty Malaysia~Part 2

The 2nd Happy Meal toy from McD Malaysia :)
#2 Hello Kitty Orbit.

This one remind me of the winter holiday set from 
Mcd Singapore year 2011. 
There is a toy from that set that is same with this one 
but different theme.
Actually there is a magnet inside the top part.
 So,when you turn the kitty slowly,
it will spin. 
You can view the short videos in my FB. 
I had made videos for these
Happy Meal set.

The 3rd & 4th Hello Kitty toy released in the same week.
That's great!! I bought 2 sets and got 2 different toy.
My 2 daughters ate the Happy Meal sets hehe...
Their favourite.

#3 Hello Kitty Space Walk.

#4 Hello Kitty Space Rocket.

Completed ♥
Year 2016 McDonald's Malaysia Happy Meal 
Hello Kitty Toys.

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