Tuesday, August 30, 2016

McD X Hello Kitty Malaysia

When I thought finally no more fast food,
and another round of Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys.
Should I be happy or sad? I still need to consume fast food?

Nope,both my big daughters would like to eat
McD food on behalf of me :)
Surely,I can't NOT collecting them.
I had always like McD X Hello Kitty collaboration,
not only from Malaysia, but overseas McD X Hello Kitty too.

First week released:
Hello Kitty Glider

Hello Kitty Astronaut with cute stickers.
Some of the stickers can be sticked to the Hello Kitty body.

There is a wheel behind its body where you turn the wheel around & around
and then the Hello Kitty will glide.
 I made a short video of it and shared 
to my FB. The video is public view. 
Have a look at my FB.

Don't miss out all 4 of these Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys which started
last Thursday. Looking forward to this week and next week,which will
release 2 in a shot. Therefore,this time Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys
only 3 weeks. Happy collecting!

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