Saturday, September 10, 2016

Small Gift Big Smile

Just as title today,small gift really
will put on a big smile on my face.

Got this Hello Kitty calculator that comes with 
a light-up pen when you write and a memo pad
from my boss (who is Mr Hubby's aunt).
Even though it is not authentic Hello Kitty from Sanrio,
appreciate it for having a sincere 
heart buying for me.

This one, Hello Kitty badge all the way from Taiwan.
Thanks to my cousin who also super good to take pic of  
all the hello kitty she saw in Taiwan during her 
holiday there.. And sent to my wechat asking which one I want.
Umbrella, thermos, sticky note, memo pads, stationery...
I had some of them while others I not really like.
So, I just requested for this badge which had 
written Taipei 101. Like this call 'souvenir' mah...
Hihi...Represent a place in a country.

Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Cooling Gel Pad from 
Guardian Malaysia. 
Finally got this from the Guardian outlet near my place.
How cute!! If really fever, who will resist from using this? 

And then, I ordered this for myself.
Mooncake festival is around the corner,next Thursday
if I'm not wrong. This year, Goodchen had nice designs for 
the Hello Kitty mooncake.
After like...2 years? Or 3 years since I bought 
Hello Kitty mooncakes from Goodchen.

Saw the brochure online and the designs is really really

I didn't choose the Beauty Sketch Cooler
Tote Bag because I,personally think it isn't as nice as
the Sweety Lace Metal Tin.
It is nice in pic but when you see the real one,
it looks normal only. I didn't get to see the real one,
my friend did,she told me.

But,my friend's friend bought wrong metal tin for me!!
Super disappointed. What to do...just collect this.

Inside the metal tin. 

I chose snowy mooncake,prefer this to the baked one.
I hadgot 4 different flavours:
 Beauty Collagen White Lotus Mochi Red Bean Cranberries.
Such long name #goodchen put for this mooncake.

Cocoa Diva. 
This one too short! Haha...

Uji-Shi Matcha Red Bean with Cookies.
I like this the 2nd. Always is matcha lover.

Premium Musang King Durian.
This is our favourite! 
Mr Hubby,me & daughters all like this.

Anyway,happy die me when my BFF,who is my colleague,
my dearest sis too, bought this for me!

That Hello Kitty Sweety Lace Metal Tin & its 
matching paper bag design that I wanted.
My BFF purposely bought the kitty mooncake 
just to get the metal tin for me.
So,she took the mooncake and pass me the metal tin
and its paper bag. Such good friend!

Go get your Hello Kitty mooncake:)
from Goodchen,of course! 

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