Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brother's Sis-in-Law's Big Day

Back to early October was my brother's and his wife's big day.
So,before the day reached, I , of course,need to 
prepare myself :) 

Doing manicure pedicure is a must! And also doing eyelash extension.
My little girl accompany me.

This time I opt for cute Mickey Minnie design.

Back to Kuantan on Friday night (30/9/16).
And brought my daughters to TC on Saturday evening.

Shopping on Saturday morning. 
We were too free haha!! 
Sister treat that day.
My sister back from Singapore too.

Favourite coconut ice-cream.

Doing some shopping. October is my month.
 2 Pandora charms as a treat to myself.
I chose high heels & pacifier. 
I'm a high heel collector,even though not often wear high heels,
I collect them. So,I think high heels charm best describe me.
While the baby pacifier,chosen it because it is CUTE!

Mr Hubby & me JUST MARRIED! Haha :P

At night,relatives & friends were here to eat & drink.
And starting getting busy, we need to decorate my parents' home.

Sunday morning, woke up super early.
Prepared to go grab the bride :P

'Superman team'.

Handsome bridegroom & pretty bride.
After fetching the bride back to our home,tea ceremony
for the elders and giving out red packets for the youngsters,
relatives & friends were having lunch at my parents' home.
After the lunch, we were super tired! 
And fall asleep right at the living room sofa.
My cousin sis captured our sleeping photo 
and sent to me!! 

Although our personality differ, we still get along with each other. 
With my sister, I always have special moments and special memories. 
When we together, we are always side by side. 
I love my sis so much 💕

Wedding dinner took place at Mega View Hotel. 
Therefore,must wear formal. Hotel mah...hehe.
Happy that day as I can took photo with my cousins & relatives.

Mr Hubby so handsome right!! 💕 
Fall in love again with him :P

1st photo after 30 years later. #sweetmemories #cousins
He is my cousin (mother's side) whom we 
lost contact and just meet back.
Grateful still can meet my big cousin back.
When I was a child,he is the closest cousin.
We lived in the same house,we played together.
Even now meet back,we are still close :)

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