Sunday, December 18, 2016

4th Hello Kitty Fans Gathering

Our 4th #hksgg had taken place in Temerloh yesterday.
My kitty friends are all so considerate to come
all the way from KL to find me
for a lunch or tea-break? Haha!!
We also done mannequin challenge.
My very first #mannequin challenge lol..
You can view the short video in my FB/Instagram.

Made some of the nicest photo into a collage.
Early X'mas celebration with kitty friends at 
Restaurant Peranakan Place.
Exchanging our X'mas present.

I'm so lucky to have gotten Angel's present.
It is what I had considered to buy few days ago.
A very cute Hello Kitty container with 3D kitty on it.
She ordered it from Japan.

Unpackaged our gift. All is Hello Kitty stuff.
The pink box is my gift which Ellianna got it.
She couldn't attend this gathering,so we didn't opened
her gift. 

Extra gift I got. Earrings from Angel babe,
gingerbread cookie from Valerie & 
the cute choco egg is from Joyce.
Inside the choco egg,there is a little surprise.

I got this pink winter Hello Kitty.
I like it so much because it is pink!
Should I buy more of the egg to collect the 3D figurine?
Can consider right...

I'm blessed to have such nice kitty friends who
also bought X'mas presents for my 3 girls.
All these are from Angel & Ariel.

Surely the little girl very happy because 
she got new toys!

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