Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback X'mas Celebration

Christmas this year was so happening!
I'm so excited and was looking forward to Christmas.

Last post about the 4th Hello Kitty Fans Gathering.
I got Angel's gift.

It is Hello Kitty transparent container,
with Hello Kitty half body sticking inside the container.
Aww...That's so cute,right!!

And then just last week, I also had another X'mas celebration
with my colleagues. #thisyearmyofficetoomanyevent
We celebrated 3 festival together, Winter Solstice, Christmas
and 2 December Birthday babes.

I got the tempered glass food container set
from 1 of my colleague named Ashley.
Quite like this glass food container.

As usual,Christmas tree setup in my house.
Not a very big one.A suitable size for my house..hehehe..

These were our X'mas gift for my family's gift exchange session.

All our gift for the exchange gift session. 

It's Boxing Day! I got my brother's gift and 
coincidently he got mine too! 
Even coincident, we both bought the same thing, Ferrero Rocher! 
Just like buying a gift for myself.

All our gifts :)
The little one was the most blessed.
She no need buy any gift to exchange.
Mr Hubby bought the toy set for her as X'mas gift.
If not, she will cry because all have present except her.

And now, excitedly looking forward to 31st Dec.
Our wedding anniversary day.
Will celebrate at Genting. So sweet!! Hehehe :) 

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