Sunday, December 18, 2016

All the little things

My elder daughter will be in Form 1 next year. 
Time really flies! So,her UPSR exam all subject pass,
no Gred A but showed a lot improvement.
Mr Hubby & me had rewarded her a new smartphone.

Huawei P9 Lite. 
Got this for RM1 only from Maxis.
Contract 2 years, RM158/month.
Worth it as I used RM158/month for almost 
4 years,so no effect with or without contract.

And we used the same wallpaper made by me!
From left: Mr Hubby's , mine , elder daughter & 2nd daughter.
All Huawei & Iphone brand only haha :P

X'mas gift from Parkson?
Got this when I redeem Parkson voucher.
Very nice. Who doesn't like free gift? Hehe...

Something to share with you all.
Spotted Hello Kitty school shoes selling at Parkson.

But,my friend said Bata also selling the same.
So,if you have daughter, may grab for your daughter.
I didn't because only a bow logo at the shoes' strap.
No Hello Kitty printed on it. Anyway,the shoes box is nice!

KitKat Malaysia surprised us again!! This time with 
Hello Kitty container. My brother bought for me as X'mas gift.
4 colours of the container cover available.
I want the pink only.
There is blue,yellow,red & pink.
I found out that KitKat Malaysia also release
Hello Kitty cup. But the cup wasn't nice,so I didn't
consider buying it.

Got myself this Hello Kitty 2017 planner all the way from Japan.
Ordered from Cotton Fluff Japan
She is a Malaysian who stays in Japan.
This planner costs me RM200++ lol..
But worth it,super cute ok!!

Size not too big and can put into my handbag.

Finally a chair that can 'show off' 😹😻 
Why it isn't in pink? Anyway, I like it as long as it is Hello Kitty!

Now my dressing table has a kitty chair to match with it.
Anyone want to order this chair. 
You're lucky as I'm doing pre-order.
Original ya :)
Sorry ya, I don't collect fake Hello Kitty.
Those very fake,the kitty face not like kitty at all.
OMG!! I saw a lot of it in my FB feed.
Some people collect them.

Took this Instagram worthy photo 
just to show my new casing..Haha!! 
My 'jogging buddy'. 
Got the wireless earphone from Aliexpress.
Bluetooth connect to your smartphone
and you can listen to music or 
answer call.

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