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Suet Yi. 32 years old
*nickname* Mrskitty Yi
Malaysian Chinese,
who can't read Chinese
Full-time wife,Full-time mama
Full-time clerk at an office,
Part-time online seller,
Part-time blogger,
Part-time iPhone & Android themer

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"No kidding! We cycled all the way up to the hill. I think that's the reason all the tourists here keep on looking at us."

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"Do you know how happy am I? One of my wishlist ticked."
BTW,this is my most favourite photo!

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It is 2017 already!! 
And we will be celebrating Chinese New Year 
end of this month. Can't wait for CNY even I'm not the one
who receive angpaos (red packets).
I'm the one giving out angpaos.
(Chinese tradition: The married will give out angpao
while the non-married yet will receive angpao).

Justina's handmade CNY card under the guidance of Teacher ❤️
 So cute! 😍
She changed to new kindergarten and she likes this kindergarten
more. She likes the teacher. I decided to change her to a new kinder
because she always crying doesn't want to go to school last time.
Maybe the teacher there too strict and made her afraid.
And now,she likes going to school.

What a 5-year-old can do now...Hahaha...
She took her sister's phone and selfie herself.
Happened last year. 
Like mother,like daughter?
Likes selfie so much this little girl.

She really surprised me!! Wondered who sent me such nicely packed mail.
Mail full of Hello Kitty postcards, Hello Kitty 3D standing postcard, 
angpao(red packet), Hello Kitty X Typo stickers pack & lastly 'love letter💌' from her😜 
Thanks so much 😘😘muacks! ❤️ all of them!!
Reallllyyyyyyy had been a very lonnnnnggggg time didn't hear from Joyce and also miss her Hello Kitty posts 😅😆 So, now must start posting more about Hello Kitty ya.

And recently, my office's aircond got problem.
 Luckily got this Hello Kitty USB mini fan.

If not,really hot die me.
No use of battery,it is USB operated.
Just plug in to your pc or laptop,and switch it on.
There is a switch behind its body.
I'm selling ready stock,for your information.

I have only 1 sister & she is the best sister! 👭 
Every year spoiling me 🎁 Muackssss 😘😘😘
My CNY gift from her :P

#guess #janissneaker #thisyeargift
Not a sneaker lover but I wanted this so much.
Anyway,can wear this on CNY.

Yesterday was my office annual dinner.
My boss brought us this whisky and it was the first time
I drink whisky :) I don't like the taste.
But,must try since I never drink before. #yolo

Do you think I should change my hairstyle? :P

I still prefer perm hair than straight one.
Even though people say I look younger in straight hair,
but my mom said straight hair not suits my age.
I look like kid >.< whereas I'm already a mom of 3.

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